Current dates of our Financial Calendar

Gerresheimer's Financial Year ends November 30.

14/02/2019Annual Report 2018
11/04/2019Interim Report 1st Quarter 2019
06/06/2019Annual General Meeting 2019
11/07/2019Interim Report 2nd Quarter 2019
10/10/2019Interim Report 3rd Quarter 2019

Overview of current conferences and roadshows

The members of the Management Board of Gerresheimer AG and the Investor Relations team participate in national and international conferences. Please find an overview below:

21/02/2019 Roadshow, Paris
27/02 - 01/03/2019 Roadshow, New York
12/03 - 14/03/2019 Roadshow, London
15/03/2019 Roadshow, Frankfurt
21/05/2019 Berenberg USA Conference, New York
22/05/2019 Roadshow, Boston
23/05/2019 Roadshow, Chicago
07/06/2019 dbAccess Berlin Conference, Berlin
15-16/07/2019 Roadshow, London
27/08/2019 Commerzbank Sector Conference, Frankfurt
04-05/09/2019 Goldman Sachs European Medtech and Healthcare Services Conference, London
24/09/2019 Berenberg and Goldman Sachs German Corporate Conference, Munich
22-23/10/2019 Roadshow, London
24/10/2019 Roadshow, Paris
11/11/2019 HSBC Healthcare Conference, Frankfurt
20/11/2019 Jefferies London Healthcare Conference, London
03/12/2019 Berenberg European Conference, London

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