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GKV Incentive Prize 2016: All three top places went to Gerresheimer apprentices and students

From left to right: Ralf Olsen (MD pro-K), Dirk Westerheide (President of the German Plastics Processing Industry Association), Stefan Schumann (student, Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH), Simon Doblinger (plastics and rubber processing engineering apprentice, Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH), Verena Ziereis (plastics and rubber processing engineering apprentice, Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH) and Manfred Baumann (Global Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, Administration & TCC, Management Board, Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH)

Wackersdorf, July 25, 2016. Stefan Schuman, Simon Doblinger and Verena Ziereis are the apprentices and sandwich degree course students at Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH who came first, second and third in the incentive prize awarded by the German Plastic Processing Industry Association (Gesamtverband Kunststoffverarbeitende Industrie e.V. (GKV). The prize comes with a total of EUR 5,000 in prize money and is awarded annually to the plastics and rubber processing engineer apprentices and students who achieve the highest grades in their final exams. Tribute is also paid to the training companies and vocational schools for the quality of training they provide.

As the trade association for the occupation of plastics and rubber processing engineer, the GKV has been presenting its incentive award to Germany’s ten best apprentices/students in this occupation since 2001. The recipients receive the prize money, a certificate and an annual subscription to the “Kunststoffe” magazine. They are also included in the “Best of the Best" list. Gerresheimer apprentices are among the prize winners in most years. This year, Stefan Schuman (sandwich degree student) won first prize with the highest score in Germany of 99 points. Simon Doblinger (apprentice) came second with 97 points. He also received an award from the Regensburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce last December for achieving the highest grade in his federal state. Verena Ziereis (sandwich degree student) was in third place with 96 points.

The prizes were presented at the Gerresheimer Wackersdorf plant on July 20. Manfred Baumann (Global Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, Administration & TCC, Management Board) emphasized the significance of apprenticeships and training at the company in his welcome speech. “This year is the eighth time that Gerresheimer apprentices have received the GKV Incentive Award. I’d like to congratulate the prize winners, and also the competent trainers who helped them to win these prizes. We like to think that our Training Center at the Technical Competence Center in Wackersdorf is the place where we mold future experts for our complex medical systems. The prize winners accepted their certificates from Ralf Olsen (Managing Director of pro-K, the association behind the GKV) and Dirk Westerheide (President of the German Plastics Processing Industry Association). The prize winners received €1500 for first place, €600 for second place and €300 for third place.

The plastics processing industry is a growth sector. There are many different occupations in this sector, all of which offer future job security. Plastics and rubber processing engineers use automated, computer-aided machines and equipment to manufacture a wide range of plastic products. During their training program, the apprentices learn about materials, plastics chemistry and injection molding. They are also taught basic metalworking skills, and how to read and prepare technical drawings. The apprenticeship program is generally three years in length. After they have finished it they have access to a range of advanced training options leading qualifications such as Industrial Plastics and Rubber Specialist or Plastics and Rubber Process Engineering Specialist and - if the person has a university entrance qualification - a degree in Plastics Engineering. Alternatively, sandwich degree course students can combine an apprenticeship with a degree qualification.

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