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Two Gerresheimer apprentices achieve top exam scores

High spirits and happy faces among the apprentices and their trainers at the award presentation ceremony. Martin Rinaldi and William Vogt (process engineering trainer), Hilmar Heinz (electronics and industrial electrician trainer) and Ludwig Fietz (l-r).

An industrial electrician and a process engineering apprentice at Gerresheimer both won the prize in their discipline for the best examination result.

Düsseldorf/Lohr, October 26, 2016. Martin Rinaldi and Ludwig Fietz both impressed the examiners with outstanding scores in their final apprenticeship examination. Process engineer Martin Rinaldi and industrial electrician Ludwig Fietz were both presented with awards by the Würzburg-Schweinfurth Chamber of Industry and Commerce on October 5 as a tribute to their achievements.

Both Martin Rinaldi, process engineer apprentice, and Ludwig Fietz, industrial electrician apprentice, had big smiles and obvious pride on their faces when the awards were presented to them. After the examination Ludwig Fietz didn’t think he’d done well enough to achieve the highest score. “So I honestly wasn’t expecting it!,” he commented. Fietz added that Gerresheimer Lohr had made all the apprentices feel part of the team, and that this, plus the additional input from projects and relevant practical experience, had helped him to achieve such a good result. “There was always somebody to provide assistance and support, whatever the problem. And there’s a fantastic team spirit in Lohr,” he emphasized. Fietz was very motivated to work independently and extremely disciplined. This helped him to learn everything he needed to know for the apprenticeship, put it into practice and achieve such an outstanding examination result.

The ambitious industrial electrician has always been interested in electrical engineering, and he’s sticking to his guns by continuing his education with an industrial engineering electronics technician apprenticeship. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce award puts him in very good stead to achieve his aim. According to Fietz, this kind of a career choice is ideal for people with some understanding of technology and good manual dexterity - and math and English skills are an advantage.

In addition to apprenticeship programs for industrial electricians, Gerresheimer Lohr offers apprenticeships for glass process engineers, technical product designers, cutting machine operators and industrial mechanics. The first of those apprenticeships is what Martin Rinaldi did. “I always wanted to have an interesting, challenging and fun job,“ said Rinaldi. Now that he’s completed his process engineering apprenticeship that’s exactly what he has. “I encounter new challenges every day - things like defects in the glass - and I’m already capable of solving many of them alone. I actually like these kinds of challenges.”

According to Rinaldi, good exam results are achieved through a combination of motivation to learn, ambition and practical experience. Both former apprentices agree that an understanding of technology, manual dexterity, and the ability to work in a hot and noisy environment are the basic qualities that glassworks employees need to have. The process engineer has proven that he has all these qualities. Now there’s nothing standing in the way of his plans to achieve a higher qualification.

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