Lecture CPhI Worldwide, October 04, 2016

CPhI Worldwide 2016

Barcelona, October 04 - 06, 2016
Fira de Barcelona Gran Via


Tuesday, October 04, 2016, 11:30 - 11:55 am


Dr. Wolfgang Dirk - Product Manager Plastic Parenteral Vials & Business Development Gerresheimer

Dr. Wolfgang Dirk
Product Management and Innovation (Plastic Packaging)


Innovation in High Quality Primary Packaging: Multilayer containers for solid formulations and Duma® Twist-Off Protect and closure solutions (senior friendly)


Gerresheimer has recently developed a new generation of protective packaging for tablet containers. Duma® Twist-Off Protect offers a new level of water vapour and oxygen barrier for sensitive solid dose formulations. Adressing the rising demand of the industry for high quality packaging components Duma® Twist-Off Protect will provide improved stability for moisture and oxygen sensitive products and by this allow prolongation of shelf life.

Today the industry uses desiccants or scavengers to reduce or eliminate both water vapour and oxygen from the primary packaging, a widely used and well-proven practice for many solid dose formulations. Duma® Twist-Off Protect offers with its improved barrier a passive protection of the content, an advantage which will in example avoid overdrying of the content by the desiccant.

A commercial benefit is that the elimination of desiccant or scavenger bags allow the reduction of the packaging size which will contribute to the over-all cost for the supply chain of the relevant product. Another benefit will be experienced by the patients using the new Duma® Twist-off Protect. The elimination of desiccant or scavenger bags will facilitate the withdrawal of the tablets and prevent that the bags will block the content.

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