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Here you will find all issues of our Group-wide Gerresheimer newsletter. Three to four times a year it gives you an insight into the latest developments in our broad product portfolio and performance competence.

Pharma and Healthcare: Gerresheimer Update #22

Gerresheimer Update #22

A cordial welcome to the twenty-second edition of Gerresheimer Update

Our newsletter is an invitation to the customers, friends and partners of the Gerresheimer Group to get to know us a little better beyond the run of everyday business. The title story of this issue is an informative article about our new sterile injection vials which can be filled straight away without the need for extra process steps. This will provide the customers with more flexibility: either with small batches, initially at the clinical trials stage, or with industrial production. Moreover, we have also included a selection of interesting information and brief news items.

Take a look inside by clicking on the ePaper link below. 

  ePaper Update 22 | May 2017

  ePaper Update 22 (Spanish) | May 2017

  ePaper Update 22 (Portuguese) | May 2017

Fragrance and Cosmetics

Update Fragrance & Cosmetics | September 2016

This special cosmetic edition of our customer newsletter Update is dedicated to our glass news this autumn, and shall provide insights into delightful new design effects and multifaceted marketing impulses.

Enjoy reading our Update Fragrance & Cosmetics.

  ePaper Update Fragrance & Cosmetics | September 2016

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