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Gerresheimer presents current perfume bottle designs

Düsseldorf/Munich June 8, 2016. Glass is the ideal material for manufacturing perfume bottles because it’s inert, which means it doesn’t have any effect on the fragrance. That’s why perfumes can be kept for such a long time in glass bottles. Glass is a very easy material to mold and process, and it can be embellished with color or other decorative elements.

“The design of a perfume bottle is the visual expression of the fragrance it contains. That’s why the bottle plays such an important role in the consumer’s perception of the perfume,” said Bernd Stauch, glass expert and Sales Director Cosmetics at Gerresheimer Tettau.

Perfume bottles can be round, square, wide, narrow, flat or high. In fact there’s no shape they can’t be manufactured in. Both the shape of the bottle and the shape of the closure are variable, though the closure always reflects the bottle design in some way.

Here are a few current examples:

Rock! by Shakira

Rock! by Shakira

The bottle’s angular design and elegantly extended shoulder sections, which are intended to make it look like an electric guitar, made the blow molding process somewhat challenging. This is the production process where pressurized air is applied to the molten glass gob to blow it into its ultimate form. When you’re making a bottle with a lot of angles, like the Rock! by Shakira bottle, it’s essential to ensure that the air reaches into all the corners so that the final product has a “clean” shape. The edgy black printed logo further accentuates the bottle’s design. The transparent glass closure is shaped like a guitar neck as a continuation of the bottle theme. The overall design effect is confident elegance.

Butterfly by Avon

Butterfly by Avon

The elegant oval shape and pale colors of the decor communicate an elegant and light fragrance. In this bottle, it is important that inner glass and outer glass contours match to create a harmonious impression.  The bi-color pastel print achieves the desired “soft“ effect.

Deeply Yours Enrique Iglesias

Deeply Yours Enrique Iglesias

The surface finish on the Deeply Yours bottle was created with partial surface metallization, which involves a thin layer of aluminum being ap-plied in vapor deposition process to the “bracelets”. Then the name, Deeply Yours, was engraved on it. Although the bottle’s thick base gives it a solid appearance, it feels pleasant to hold in the hand as a result of its shape and size.

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