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Gerresheimer at Pharmtech 2016: primary packaging for sensitive pharmaceutical drugs

Düsseldorf/Moscow. One of the Gerresheimer innovations on show at Pharmtech in Moscow from November 22 to 25 will be the first Gx RTF ClearJect syringe in COP to be manufactured in Europe. Gerresheimer is also exhibiting nasal spray bottles in various sizes and designs. The Gerresheimer team of experts for the Russian market will be in pavilion 2, hall 7, stand A131 at the Crocus Expo IEC in Moscow, where they’ll be chatting to visitors about these and other products. 

Gx RTF ClearJect – the first COP syringe manufactured in Europe

Gerresheimer distributes a range of prefillable COP syringes manufactured by its longstanding partner Taisei Medical Co. Ltd., in Japan. In this partnership, Gerresheimer handles marketing and technical customer support for ClearJect syringes in Europe and America. Now the company has extended its product portfolio of COP syringes by combining the RTF (ready-to-fill) concept for glass syringes with ClearJect to create the new Gx RTF ClearJect brand. The new syringe is being manufactured at the Gerresheimer Medical Systems’ European plant in close collaboration with the Japanese partner. It is available in size 1 ml long. The design is ISO 11040-6 compliant and registered. The syringe has a 27G, ½ inch (12.7 mm), thin wall stainless steel needle with a beveled tip. 

A concept to build the entire innovative COP syringe with standard market components ensures the syringe system’s economic viability. These standard components include needles, plungers, plunger heads, backstops and closures.

Nasal spray packaging

Nasal spray packaging

There are two Gerresheimer product lines for nasal sprays: nebulizer bottles and pump-top bottles. Nebulizer bottles are available in sizes 20 and 30 ml. Pump-top bottles are available in sizes 10, 15 and 20 ml. Nebulizer bottle accessories include nebulizers and screw caps, which are also manufactured by Gerresheimer. Pump-top bottles are subsequently equipped with a complex pump-spray system, plus a protective cap. 

The spray and nebulizer bottles are made of a hard polymer that cannot be pressed and deformed. The spray is created by pressing down the pump top. During the administration process, the user has to breathe in lightly through the nose. Pump-top bottles have a special aluminum closure. All the functions of the spray and pump-top bottles are identical - the only difference is the filling method.

Nasal spray packaging

Gerresheimer is a leading global partner to the pharma and healthcare industries. The company’s special glass and plastic products contribute to health and well-being. Gerresheimer is a global organization with 10,000 employees and manufacturing operations in the local markets, close to customers. It has over 40 production facilities in Europe, North and South America and Asia generating revenue in excess of EUR 1.4 billion. The comprehensive product portfolio includes pharmaceutical packaging products as well as convenient and safe drug delivery systems such as insulin pens, inhalers, pre-fillable syringes, vials, ampoules, bottles and containers for liquid and solid pharmaceuticals with closure and safety systems, plus cosmetic packaging products.