Concept development, product and process development - Understanding the end user is where development begins
Concept development, product and process development

Understanding the end user is where development begins

We have been developing customer unique drug delivery systems, as well as medical and diagnostic products that focus on the user on behalf of leading pharmaceuticals and medical technology companies for more than 40 years. Our interdisciplinary development teams in Wackersdorf (Germany), Münster (Germany), Olten (Switzerland), Peachtree City (USA), and Dongguan City (China) are composed of more than eighty specialists with a broad range of abilities. They look at product developments from the most varied perspectives: the specific requirements of the active ingredient, the needs and requirements of users and patients, functional technical and technological production requirements, as well as user-friendliness and design. This results in solutions that combine a high degree of functional security with easy handling and that are perfectly oriented to the specific requirements of active substance, patient, and user. Another major advantage for our customers is that the “Design for Manufacturing“ can flow immediately into the concept and into product development. Your advantage: Reduced development time, development costs, and project risk, because plastics optimization is already part of the development at Gerresheimer.

Patient protection and well-being have the highest priority. Gerresheimer therefore maintains a structured product engineering process that is divided into five phases. This procedure offers our customers the security of methodical risk minimization from the start and generates the documents of relevance for approval. Our phase model guarantees you not only maximum safety all around, but also the greatest degree of flexibility. You decide on the number of phases we can assist you with. Upon conclusion of each phase, you have the possibility to decide on the subsequent procedure. Whether start-up or Fortune 500 company, we provide a service offering as individual as your products and requirements.

You have initial product ideas, sketches, requirement profiles, or prototypes

You have a preferred concept with market requirements taken into account

You have a completely developed product with defined production processes

You have a verified product

You have a product in production

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