Injection molding plastic parts and assembly units in cleanroom in Pfreimd, Germany
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For nearly 70 years now, Gerresheimer Medical Systems has been producing injection molded plastic parts and assembly units of the highest quality for use in drug delivery systems, medical and diagnostics products and devices. Future-compatible products unite a plus in functionality and design quality with optimized production costs – a performance that is only possible through innovative production technologies. Competitive advantage and a high degree of value creation can no longer be ensured with standard injection molding, but only through the fulfillment of special technical requirements. This is why Gerresheimer engineers work hand-in-hand with material and machine manufacturers on the development and realization of innovative injection molding technologies. Gerresheimer was thus the first plastic processor in the world to use turning stack mold technology for manufacturing an inhaler.

Your PLUS with Gerresheimer

Precision injection molding

Precision injection molding of plastic parts in clean room
High-cavity clean room injection molding tool with very narrow tolerances for the injection molding of cuvettes.

Our customers call for the smallest dimensions, the most narrow tolerances and the highest level of functionality – needs that Gerresheimer fulfills with precision injection molding. We realize tolerances in the micro-precision range from
=< 10 µm and in the ultra-precision range from
=< 3 µm. Our injection molded plastic parts and assembly units satisfy the highest demands for accuracy of fit – a level of quality that is indispensible for the high system requirements for medical products produced fully automatically in large series.

Micro injection molding

Injection molding clean room micro injection mold
Component for an inhaler: ø 5.21 mm, height 1.56 mm

Miniaturization is one of the most important technological trends. Components for drug delivery systems, medical and diagnostics devices are becoming increasingly smaller while the requirements for their precision are increasing constantly. We therefore offer our customers a special micro injection molding technology, with which extremely small plastic parts can be produced precisely and economically.

Multi-component injection molding

Injection molding clean room multicomponent injection molding
Lancets for the drum of a lancing device are produced in the multi-component injection mold

The multi-component injection molding makes sense everywhere where special design demands are made of medical products and drug delivery systems or when a product is to be equipped with higher functional integration. The combination of materials with differing material properties opens up a variety of possibilities:

  • The combination of materials with different colors, e.g. for the dispensing button of an inhaler;
  • Hard-soft combinations for the integration of seals or improvement of the haptics, for example, for operating elements and grips;
  • Combination of conductive and non-conductive materials or of metallizable and non- metallizable plastics for linking mechanical and electrical functions within a component, e.g. Moulded Interconnected Devices (MIDs);
  • Combination of incompatible plastics (assembly injection molding).

Turning stack technology

Clean room injection molding of an inhaler
The main component of an inhaler is a two-component housing that is produced in the clean room with the help of turning stack technology

Because with turning stack technology four sides of the "tool cube" can be used, double the number of compartments is available with a reduced required clamping force. Because two of the four sides of the cube are always accessible, the part supply and the molded part removal can take place during injection, which accelerates the entire process. In addition to the technical advantages, the turning stack technology offers a decisive economical benefit in comparison with the conventional multi-component technology. For example, we produce an inhaler for the treatment of COPD for a leading pharmaceuticals company. The main component of one of the modules is the two-component housing of ABS, which is produced with the help of turning stack technology. Two viewing windows are integrated into its side surfaces. These partial areas of transparent ABS injected as the first
component into the mold make it possible for the user to carry out a quick visual check of whether a medication capsule is present in the inhaler.

Insert and overmolding

Insert molding of needles and cannulas with plastic insert molding
Insert molding of a needle with two different plastics

Gerresheimer is your specialist for needles and cannulas. As a result of many years of production of more than a billion insert molded needles and cannulas, we have gathered extensive know-how surrounding the insert molding of needles and cannulas. We overmold even the finest needles (0.3 mm) fully automatically, individually and in only one work step with a hard-soft component. As a result of the insert molding, materials that, for example, can't be glued can be optimally connected with one another. This makes it possible
to realize better connections with greater tensile force resistance and pressure sealing.

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