Injection mold, clean room, pharmaceutical assembly, plastic modules

More than 100% quality production

Our full service encompasses much more than the injection mold at a high level. It includes the processing of plastic parts in a variety of ways – optical, haptic and functional refinement extending to filling and sealing. We of course also assume responsibility for the surface decoration of all components. We refine prefabricated parts with, for example, printing, laser labeling, lacquering, metallization or sleeving. The same quality requirements apply for refinement in series as for the production of modules.

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Sophisticated joining processes

Laser welding plastic parts
Laser welding plastic parts

For the production of drug delivery systems, medical and diagnostic products, in addition to clean room production, we use sophisticated joining processes like the laser welding of plastic and metal parts, ultrasonic and vibration welding, as well as thermoforming and cold calking.

Specialist for gluing technologies

Gluing of tube with plastic parts
For an infusion set, the tube is glued with a coupling part

We possess the know-how for the gluing of sophisticated plastic and metal parts or tubes. For an infusion set, we glue, for example, a tube with a coupling part and then harden the glue with UV light. A subsequent 100% check of whether the glue has been correctly dispensed, and an additional test to determine whether the tube also still provides the correct volumetric flow after gluing is carried out directly in the fully automatic system.

Product-specific manufacturing steps

Vaseline metering with individually adjustable metering valves
Vaseline metering with individually adjustable metering valves

On behalf of our customers, we assume responsibility for product-specific manufacturing steps like, for example, the filling of the dilution solution required for point-of-care tests or the loading of point-of-care test housings with the test strips under climate, temperature and air humidity conditions specifically configured for this process. In the case of inhalers, we ensure the reliable functioning of the modules in that we improve gliding properties through the dispensing of Vaseline with individually adjustable dispensing valves in the assembly system. In contrast, we apply Teflon to the slipway in the case of an applicator for the positioning of a long-term implant.

Pharmaceutical packaging and filling

Pharmaceutical packaging and filling
Pharmaceutical packaging and filling area in Pfreimd, Germany

In order to be able to offer our customers a complete solution, which, in addition to injection molding, assembly, packaging and refinement, also encompasses loading with the drug, we have set up a pharmaceutical packaging and filling area at our Pfreimd (Germany) location. We assembled here, for example, an emergency pen for allergic reactions with an adrenalin ampoule provided by the customer. We equipped clinical samples of an applicator with a long-term implant for studies and clinical approval.

Product refinement

Printing of plastic parts in clean room
Laser printing of plastic parts in the clean room

We of course also assume responsibility for the surface decoration of all components according to your individual wishes. We refine prefabricated parts through printing (laser marking), offset print (pad printing), metallization, lacquering, sleeving and many other decoration processes. When refining in series, we offer the same level of quality as for the production of modules: Upon request, we integrate our camera systems into the decoration systems in order to already ensure during refinement that the printed images are immaculate and that inscriptions are found in exactly the right position. In this way we realize your wish design both at a high level of quality and economically.

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