Lancing devices, injection molding, assembly
Lancing devices and lancets

For more than 15 years now, Gerresheimer Medical Systems has concerned itself with the theme of diabetes: we develop and produce lancing devices, lancet drums and lancets for low pain blood recovery for a leading diagnostics company in the fifth device generation already.

Your PLUS with Gerresheimer

Gerresheimer is your specialist for diabetes products

Lancing devices, finger prickers, lancets
Gerresheimer covers the entire range of diabetes products

We cover the entire spectrum in terms of the manufacture of diabetes products: Products for diabetes diagnostics like lancing devices and lancets are just as much part of our portfolio as products for diabetes treatment. In this area too we also have a great deal of experience through the production of infusion sets and pen injectors, including glass cartridge for the administering of insulin.

More than a billion overmolded needles and cannulas annually

Overmolding of needles and cannulas with plastic insert molding
Overmolding of a needle with two different plastics

Gerresheimer is your specialist for needles. As a result of many years of production of billions of overmolded needles and cannulas, we have gathered comprehensive know-how in the overmolding of needles and cannulas. We overmold even the finest needles (0.3 mm) fully automatically, individually and in only one work step with a hard-soft component.

Full service: from the initial idea to the CE-marked lancing device

Development of lancing devices, finger pricker
Development of a lancing device

As a full service provider, we assume responsibility for all stages of the value creation chain, from planning to ready-for-sale, CE-marked products: concept development, industrial design and product development through manufacturing equipment design, mold making and automation engineering to large and small series production under FDA/GMP conditions, the assembly of plastic modules, metal parts and electronics, product finishing, packaging, worldwide logistics and life cycle management.

Design for Manufacturing

Lancing devices, finger prickers, injection molding, assembly
We develop and produce lancing devices from the initial idea to the ready-for-sale product

Our engineers already take the design for manufacturing into consideration in the development phase of lancing devices and lancets. We develop products that are conceived to be plastic-compatible and that can be robustly manufactured in large series. For our customers this means a reduction in the development time, of development costs and of project risk, as the step of plastic-compatible optimization is dispensed with.

Highest quality through 100% functional inspection

Lancing devices, finger prickers, injection molding, assembly
The feed advancing function for a lancing devices is tested with a steel dummy

All automatic handling, assembly, and testing systems for the production of lancing devices and lancets have been conceived of, planned, and realized in the internal automation engineering section. A special challenge was dealing with the 0.3 mm thin needles that are inserted fully automatically into the drum magazine. Our automation systems specialists thereby attach importance to the highly precise feed of the lancets at the highest speed. The automated testing system connected to the automated assembly systems for the lancing devices tests all of the basic functions carried out by the user, such as tensioning and triggering. The feed advancing function was tested with a steel dummy and the indicator was inspected by camera.

Worldwide production capacities

Lancing devices, finger prickers, injection molding, assembly
Manual assembly of lancing devices in the clean room in accordance with ISO 14644-1 ISO class 9 in Dongguan City, China

We offer our customers 100,000 sqm of production area, of which around 50,000 sqm is clean room area in accordance with ISO 14644-1 ISO classes 7, 8, and 9 in Pfreimd (Germany), Horšovský Týn (Czech Republic), Peachtree City (USA), Indaiatuba (Brazil) and Dongguan City (China). Whether fully automatic large series production or semi-automatic and manual assembly in China, we offer you optimal production possibilities worldwide.

Lifecycle management

Lancing devices, finger prickers, injection molding, assembly
Five generations of lancing devices

Together with a leading diagnostics company, we in the meantime develop and produce lancing devices and lancets for blood sampling in the fifth device generation. In order to enable low-pain blood taking, we have optimized nearly all components of the lancing devices in the last 15 years. Starting with increasingly fine needles, which hardly injure tissue and ensure quick wound healing through a precise feed of the lancets to the ergonomic optimization of the lancing devices, all innovations are aimed at increased user-friendliness and thus at an improvement in compliance.

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