Glass cartridges 3.0 ml
Gx® Glass Cartridges

High quality cartridges – highest precision and quality

For more than 60 years now we have been producing high quality cartridges made of glass that fulfill the requirements of modern filling systems on state-of-the-art production lines. Our range encompasses high quality cartridges made of type I glass in the size of 3.0 ml (further formats upon request). We produce over one billion glass cartridges per year making us an ideal partner for you.

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Glass cartridges 3.0 ml (further formats upon request)

Glass cartridge 3.0 ml
  • Cartridges made of type I glass
  • Size of 3.0 ml (further formats on request)
  • Design according to DIN ISO 13926-1; customized formats on request
  • Customized ceramic printing with heavy-metal-free inks
  • Drug Master File Typ III
  • Suited to standard filling and packaging equipment
  • Our team of experts develops individually tailored product solutions for the most varied tasks

Maximum precision and quality

Camera monitoring of glass cartridges
Our production lines are equipped with optical and visual monitoring systems

By using state-of-the-art production technologies and camera monitoring, we ensure maximum precision and quality. Our production lines are equipped with optical inspection systems for 100% monitoring of the dimensions. Other visual monitoring systems of our high quality systems also check the cartridges for any kind of cosmetic defects and monitor for perfect merging in the base area with the help of special cameras.

Packaging in polypropylene boxes under controlled environmental conditions

Packaging of glass cartridges 3.0 ml
Packaging of glass cartridges 3.0 ml in polypropylene boxes under environmental conditions

Our glass cartridges are packaged fully automatically in polypropylene boxes under environmental conditions. Other packaging possibilities round off our offering.

Pen system and cartridge from one source

Insulin glass cartridge 3 ml
We develop both – glass cartridge and insulin pen

Gerresheimer offers the two primary materials used in the pharmaceutical industry – glass and plastics. We produce both, primary packaging such as glass cartridges and customized drug delivery systems made of plastics such as insulin pens.

Our plastic experts in our Technical Competence Centers in Wackersdorf (Germany), Peachtree City (USA, GA) and Dongguan City (China) work hand in hand with the glass specialists from Gerresheimer Bünde and coordinate the tolerances of glass cartridges and plastic assembly units closely with one another. In this way we ensure that injection forces are optimized and that cartridges are positioned optimally in the plastic device.

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