Prefillable glass syringes for biotech products
Glass syringes for the most sophisticated, biotech derived drug products

Biotech derived drug products are characterized by several specific requirements. Some are highly viscous and, in individual cases, tend to interact with silicone oil or, for example, tungsten residues from syringe production. Gerresheimer therefore offers the “metal-free” production avoiding the use of metal pins. The special silicone oil treatment (baked-on RTF®) for the reduction of free silicone oil creates a perfect primary packaging material for these sophisticated drug products. Innovative closure systems like Gx TELC® or Gx TERNS® complete our offering. We can also offer syringes with thin-walled cannulas that ease the administration of the often highly viscous medications thanks to their improved flow properties.

Metal-free syringes

Syringes with reduced tungsten residues

Silicone oil reduced syringes

Plastic syringes

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