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... requires a large number of... More March 23, 2017 Gerresheimer at Girls’ Day – on a mission to inspire young women to pursue a career in engineering Düsseldorf, March 23, 2017. April 27, 2017 is Girls’ Day, when schoolgirls from across Germany can visit numerous companies to learn about various

Gerresheimer apprentice wins the GKV Incentive Pri...

... Prize to the ten most outstanding plastics and rubber processing engineering apprentices in Germany for over a decade. Achieving 3rd place ... said Olaf Zander, congratulating the prize-winning process engineer. Plastics processing is a sector of industry with a constant, above-average rate of growth. Occupations such as plastics and rubber processing

Business-to-university knowledge transfer

... receives funding from the Free State of Bavaria. Professor Burkhard Stolz studied mechanical engineering in Duisburg and Aachen. with a specialization in plastics processing at the Institute of Plastics Engineering (IKV). Even then he was involved in the field of medical technology, working on projects ... Bavaria, where he worked at Boehringer Mannheim GmbH’s Tutzing Research Center as development

Gerresheimer Bünde: our apprentices are our next g...

... The company has also extended its apprenticeship and degree course program. Henrik Lampe is the first person to enroll on the BEng Industrial Engineering sandwich degree course. The new apprentices will be involved in the production of glass syringes from tubular glass at their new workplaces ...

Girls’ Day 2015 at Gerresheimer

... facilities, including electronics technician, process engineer and toolmaker. An apprenticeship combined with a degree course leading to a Bachelor of Engineering in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or industrial engineering is the perfect way to gain both a theoretical ... plus sandwich degree courses in plastics

“The right way isn’t always the easy way.”

... right way isn’t always the easy way.” August 10, 2015 Engineers at Gerresheimer: Palak Shah has been working as an engineer at Gerresheimer Vineland in the USA since 2010 ... that an increasing number of women are choosing engineering professions. The proportion of women engineers working in Germany increased in the survey period ... However, measured against the number of male

Gerresheimer Essen staff raise funds for the Fürst...

... of the funds that were raised. When it was announced that the funds would be donated to the FFC Foundation, one of Gerresheimer‘s glass process engineering apprentices, Jessika Schmidt (18), mentioned that the FFC Foundation had supported her for three years, helping her to learn to live ...

Le Wang

Le Wang Le Wang Process Engineer "Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try." With Gerresheimer since: 2010 Site: ... job in the glass industry, doing something related to my college major - Material Science and Engineering. In 2010, luckily, I was offered a position by Kimble Bomex Labware (KBL) in Beijing, working as a process


... our growth More Production and process certifications and registrations More Technologies and engineering projects More Business Innovation Development of innovative products and processes Quality Management Quality systems, specifications and objectives Engineering Engineering and development competencies Business Excellence Gerresheimer Management System (GMS) ...

Gerresheimer offers apprenticeships to cover its o...

... and degree courses leading to a Bachelor of Engineering degree. So how did their first few days of working ... Bünde Hendrik Birkefeld is studying for a Bachelor of Engineering and doing an apprenticeship at Gerresheimer. “A ... Gerresheimer apprenticeships Technical: industrial engineering electronics technician, IT system integration ... technical product designer, glass process

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