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Franck Titre

... agent. I appreciate the work in a field of activity in relation with health. In order to progress in the group I decided to prepare an engineer degree specialized in Computer Science – Network, System, Multimedia at the evening school. I graduated in June 2010. Gerresheimer supported me alto to achieve my

Training Day at Gerresheimer Regensburg

... GmbH as a potential apprenticeship provider,“ explained HR Director Germany Axel Süss. We offer apprenticeships for plastic and rubber process engineers, toolmakers, mechatronics fitters and electricians, as well as a degree program in plastics technology combined with an apprenticeship. Axel ...

The VDI’s OWL District Association visits Gerreshe...

... – Gerresheimer Bünde hosted a visit from the Association of German Engineers’ OWL (Ostwestfalen-Lippe) District Association on Friday. The ... the production facility. A delegation from the Association of German Engineers’ OWL District Association visited Gerresheimer Bünde on Friday. ... various stages of the production process. Then Klaus Jahn, Head of


... Peachtree City (Georgia, U.S.), and Dongguan City (China) spend their time developing and engineering customer-specific medical products made of plastic. The center in Wackersdorf is currently ... should ideally be ruled out, particularly in the case of drugs that are based on bioengineered substances. Thanks to a spike made of a special type of ceramic needed to form the syringe, ... forces, including siliconization as a gliding coating in prefillable glass syringes. Bio

Career News

... visited the German Gerresheimer production plants in Bünde, Essen, Lohr,... More April 12, 2016 Glass is a fascinating material Glass process engineering apprenticeships at Gerresheimer in Essen Düsseldorf/Essen April 12, 2016. The Gerresheimer production facility in Essen is a glass... More ...

Kai Grothe

... basic training in metalworking at AEG Signum. I also attended AEG courses in lathe operation, milling, hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical engineering. I’m mainly involved in production equipment repairs and maintenance. My colleagues and I all work together very well as a team and the ...

Information about training opportunities at Gerres...

... on site training for the future occupations of industrial business management assistant, warehouse logistics management assistant, industrial engineering electronics technician and industrial mechanic. "We expect our employees and apprentices to be committed team players who are open-minded ... an industrial business management assistant apprenticeship. Good maths and physics grades indicate that a person could make a good industrial

What’s a bachelor of engineering program all about...

What’s a bachelor of engineering program all about? What’s a bachelor of engineering program all about? March 31, 2016 Düsseldorf/Lohr, ... Lohr has also been providing a combined bachelor of engineering and apprenticeship in mechanical engineering for a number of years now. “The good thing about ... theory and practice. That’s a major advantage in any

Gerresheimer apprentice wins the GKV Incentive Pri...

... every year to the plastics and rubber processing engineer apprentice who achieves the best result in the final ... be one of the 12 best out of more than 2,500 process engineering apprentices,“ said Manfred Baumann, congratulating the prize-winning process engineer. As an additional token of the company’s appreciation ... Occupations such as plastics and rubber processing

Manuel Cala Conde

... After 13 years as a car mechanic I decided to change professions. Somebody I knew recommended Gerresheimer Essen and the job of glass process engineer to me at the time. After an interview with the Technical Manager and a guided tour of the glassworks I was immediately fascinated by the idea ...

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