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Presentations from Gerresheimer experts at the Rea...

... syringe manufacturing on the basis of the Gx RTF4 syringe production line at Gerresheimer Bünde. Dr. Andrea Behrenswerth studied pharmaceutical engineering at the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Science in Lemgo. Today she is Head of Quality Assurance at Gerresheimer Bünde. In her ...

Thomas Piscitelli

Thomas Piscitelli Thomas Piscitelli Mechanical Engineer "One man’s “Magic” is another man’s Engineering" Bei Gerresheimer seit: 2012 Standort: Forest ... to work at. Now that I am as a working mechanical engineer at the Gerresheimer Glass Forest Grove Plant I wake up every morning excited to go to work. As an

Career News

Career News Overview of our Career News August 10, 2015 “The right way isn’t always the easy way.” Engineers at Gerresheimer: Palak Shah has been working as an engineer at Gerresheimer Vineland in the USA since 2010 Düsseldorf/Vineland, August 10, 2015. A... ... Thomas Salenbacher achieved the top score in the Kronach Chamber of Commerce’s industrial

Ausbildungsbeginn bei Gerresheimer Regensburg

... alle Auszubildenden übernommen. Für 34 Berufsanfänger begann am 31. August ihre Ausbildung bei Gerresheimer Regensburg. Im neuen Sales and Engineering Center Wackersdorf wurden sie von Axel Süß (Personalleitung Deutschland der Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH) willkommen geheißen. Anschließend ...

Training Day at Gerresheimer Regensburg

... GmbH as a potential apprenticeship provider,“ explained HR Director Germany Axel Süss. We offer apprenticeships for plastic and rubber process engineers, toolmakers, mechatronics fitters and electricians, as well as a degree program in plastics technology combined with an apprenticeship. Axel ...

Clean room laboratory for the Amberg-Weiden Univer...

... CTO of Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH, explaining the company’s involvement. “We need competent engineers that are specifically trained for our requirements and understand our customers‘ medical ... Dr. Franz Magerl (Amberg-Weiden University of Applied Sciences, Department of Industrial Engineering, Weiden), Manfred Baumann (Chief Technology Officer of Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH), ... Christian Wilisch (Amberg-Weiden University of Applied Sciences, Department of Industrial

Open Day at Gerresheimer Regensburg

... Training Day this year is another great opportunity for schoolchildren who are interested in an apprenticeship in plastics and rubber process engineering or one of the other vocational training programs that the company offers to obtain a wide range of information. It’s an informal information ...

Business-to-university knowledge transfer

... receives funding from the Free State of Bavaria. Professor Burkhard Stolz studied mechanical engineering in Duisburg and Aachen. with a specialization in plastics processing at the Institute of Plastics Engineering (IKV). Even then he was involved in the field of medical technology, working on projects ... Bavaria, where he worked at Boehringer Mannheim GmbH’s Tutzing Research Center as development

Gerresheimer Regensburg introduces a new B.E. Medi...

... sandwich degree course in July 2014. The Bachelor of Engineering in Medical Technology course combines an apprenticeship as Industrial Engineering Electronics Technician at the company’s own ... a basic understanding of technology. The Industrial Engineering Electronics Technician apprenticeship ... sector. The first two semesters focus on science and

Gerresheimer Essen staff raise funds for the Fürst...

... of the funds that were raised. When it was announced that the funds would be donated to the FFC Foundation, one of Gerresheimer‘s glass process engineering apprentices, Jessika Schmidt (18), mentioned that the FFC Foundation had supported her for three years, helping her to learn to live ...

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