Business Excellence
Sustainable improvements of structures and processes

Continuous business process improvement with the Gerresheimer Management System (GMS)

The Gerresheimer Management System (GMS) is the architect of business excellence and continuous business process improvement in the Gerresheimer organization. The GMS was created in 2004 and has been continuously developed ever since. GMS unites continuous improvement concepts with streamlined production operations, a focus on quality and customer centricity in a group-wide system that is specifically geared to our business operations.

GMS defines global standards, methods and tools for sustainable process improvements along the entire value chain. GMS helps us to continuously improve quality, service excellence and costs for our customers, make our operational structures and processes more efficient and thus facilitate continuous improvements in all of our divisions. Our employees use the GMS methods and tools and they receive systematic training on how to comply with GMS principles. This guarantees efficiency improvements, high group-wide product quality and service excellence for our customers.

Targeted improvements through plant-specific recommendations and initiatives

Improvement plans for operational and strategic planning processes

We develop and define plant-specific improvement plans as part of our operational and strategic planning process. Operational excellence KPIs and a standardized evaluation system are used for the regular assessment of target achievement and GMS-defined standard compliance. The assessments are performed by over 200 members of staff who have been trained as auditors and contribute to the sustainable implementation of GMS. Plant-specific recommendations and initiatives are developed on the basis of the assessments to ensure continuous and targeted improvement. At the annual GMS conference, we discuss the latest developments, share experiences and reward excellence with five GMS Awards.

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Business Excellence