Business Excellence
Sustainable improvements of structures and processes

Continuous further development of our business processes thanks to the Gerresheimer Management System (GMS)

The Gerresheimer Management System underpins our business excellence and lays the groundwork for continuously improving all our business processes. The GMS was devised at Gerresheimer in 2004 and has undergone constant development ever since. The GMS combines concepts for continuous improvement, streamlined production, and a focus on quality and customers within a standard, group-wide framework that is tailored to our business.

The GMS has been used to set Group-wide standards, as well as to define methods and tools, to sustainably implement continuous process improvement at every link in the value chain while establishing lean, resource-light production as well as rigorous quality and customer focus. The GMS methods and tools are applied by our staff, who receive systematic training to enable them to put GMS principles into practice. This is how we guarantee efficiency increases for our customers and achieve a consistently high level of product and service quality across the group.

The latest generation of the system – the GMS 3.0 – is taking the overall system’s emphasis off simply applying “streamlined tools” and toward implementing a program that influences and changes the behavior of our managers and staff, with the aim of fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Building on these measures, the new generation of the GMS evaluation system – GMS Performance Evaluation 3.0 – was finalized and launched in the financial year 2018. Fundamental changes to the system content were carried out by an international team of experts from across the entire Group. The evaluation system was also migrated to a new digital platform. In addition to performing evaluations, documenting any variance and recommendations as well as developing and tracking action plans, the platform also enables all locations to benchmark themselves against other plants. Overall, this leads to improved transparency regarding the respective status and to further progress of the system as a whole.

Targeted improvements at our sites

Targeted improvements at Gerresheimer sites

We develop and define plant-specific improvement schemes as part of the operational and strategic planning process. Using so-called operational excellence indicators and a standardized evaluation system, we regularly measure and assess whether we have achieved these objectives and complied with the standards defined by the GMS. Their assessments are used to devise site-specific recommendations and action plans to ensure the ongoing implementation of targeted continuous improvement measures. At our annual global GMS conference, we discuss the latest developments, share our experiences and honor outstanding achievements with GMS awards.

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Business Excellence