Engineering excellence to continuously improve our production processes and quality

Top engineering based on years of experience and continuous improvement

Our many years of experience working with the materials of glass and plastic in complex production processes gives us the engineering excellence to continuously improve our production processes and product quality. Each of our divisions has its own specific engineering and development competencies.

Globally networked engineering departments

There are four Technical Competence Centers (TCC) in the Medical Systems business unit. Our experts at the TCC in Wackersdorf (Germany), in Peachtree City (Georgia, USA) and Dongguan City (China) are involved in the design and development of customer-specific medical plastic products. There is another TCC in Bünde (Germany) for ready-to-fill syringes and safety accessories. Gerresheimer item also specializes in new product development and design.

Global engineering departments and Technical Competence Centers (TCC)

Our Technical Competence Center in the USA is responsible for the optimization and improvement of tubular glass converting production and quality processes at the plants where we manufacture vials, ampoules, cartridges and syringes, and we have a Technical Competence Centre in Bünde (Germany) for syringes. We continuously optimize our product inspection systems and products are only approved for dispatch if they satisfy all quality requirements. Our Gx® G3 inspection system makes it possible to inspect all areas of our ready-to-fill syringes and vials with maximum camera resolution. Gx® RHOC is the name of Gerresheimer’s own camera system with superior dimensional quality. It consists of three high resolution matrix cameras on each side, plus an ID camera with a hypercentric lens. Gx® THOR (Thermal Hydrolytic Optimization and Reduction) is a new Gerresheimer technology to reduce vial delamination propensity that is integrated in existing converting lines. Gx® FLASH is a test procedure developed by Gerresheimer to predict vial delamination.

Investments in mechanical engineering at our tubular glass converting plants

Global machine strategy of our tubular glass converting plants

A several-year global machine strategy project was launched in our Tubular Glass Converting business unit in 2014. The project objective is to supply our customers with significantly improved vials in the highest possible quality. The latest generation of machines, monitoring and inspection systems guarantees the same high Gerresheimer quality standards at every single one of our tubular glass converting plants around the world. We are installing two types of vial manufacturing machines at our plants, both of which manufacture vials in cosmetic and dimensional quality that by far surpasses the industry standard. Both machine types are supplemented with standardized monitoring, inspection and packaging technology.

Efficiency enhancements in the Moulded Glass division through furnace, clean room and inspection technology upgrades

Clean room and inspection technology upgrades at our moulded glass plants

The Moulded Glass business unit continuously invests in ultra-modern production and inspection systems to maximize quality standards and productivity. Regular furnace replacements at our moulded glass plants over the last decade have increased their production capacity and, at the same time, impressively reduced their energy consumption per tonne of glass. Raw material supply and batch house automation, plus modern furnace control systems, have significantly improved efficiency at the hot end.

The moulded glass production lines deliver the pharmaceutical glass products to certified clean rooms (ISO class 8 pursuant to ISO 14644-1) at the cold end where the bottles and vials are processed and packaged in a germ and particulate-free environment. Every product is automatically inspected and checked for flaws and geometric irregularities at the cold end. Modern visual inspection systems deliver images of each product for computer analysis to ensure compliance with the pharmaceutical industry’s stringent quality requirements.

Plastic packaging engineering projects

MultiShell® vial

The Plastic Packaging business unit’s engineering department has been busy working on new materials in recent years. Two of the results of this work are the MultiShell® vials and the Biopack product line.

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