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Pharmtech 2014: a new syringe production line for Gerresheimer

Düsseldorf, November 5, 2014 – Gerresheimer put a new production line for its famous Gx RTF sterile syringe systems into operation this year. At Pharmtech in Moscow the Gerresheimer experts will be explaining the optimizations that can be achieved with the new line and how syringes meet the different requirements of biotech and ophthalmic applications. A special presentation will also illustrate the advantages of Gx MultiShell plastic containers.

High demand for ready-to-fill syringes

“The applications for ready-to-fill syringes are becoming increasingly extensive and diverse,” said Bernd Janas, Vice President Sales Syringes at Gerresheimer Syringe Systems, explaining that Gerresheimer‘s Gx RTF (Ready-To-Fill) syringes offer customized solutions for many different sectors such as biotech and opthalmics.
The fourth production line is located in a brand new production bay at the Gerresheimer Competence Center for Ready-to-Fill Syringes in Bünde (Germany). It is associated with some decisive process improvements, including the avoidance of glass-glass and glass-metal contact through the use of pick-and-place and segment transport systems. The washing and siliconization processes have been optimized, and more effective, camera-based quality inspections have been introduced. The camera system, which was developed by Gerresheimer, can identify cracks the size of a very fine hair.

Gx MultiShell - as transparent as glass but unbreakable

On November 27 Dr. Wolfgang Dirk will be Pharmtech 2014: a new syringe production line for Gerresheimer making a presentation on “Improved Barrier Performance of Parenteral Plastic Containers“ at Pharmtech. “With some pharmaceuticals, such as biopharmaceuticals and cancer therapy drugs, you have to ensure that the packaging is safe and secure in every respect,“ said Wolfgang Dirk, referring to the properties of the GX MultiShell vial that Gerresheimer developed for this purpose. The vials have an inner and outer COP layer with a center polyamide layer sandwiched between them. This triple layer design gives the vial unprecedented stability. MultiShell vials also have a far more effective oxygen barrier, which helps to maintain the stability of the pharmaceutical drug.

Pharmtech is held at the All-Russian Exhibition Center (WC) from November 25 up to 28. Gerresheimer’s booth is number A624. The presentation will be in the Pharmtech Forum.

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