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“The right way isn’t always the easy way.”

... right way isn’t always the easy way.” August 10, 2015 Engineers at Gerresheimer: Palak Shah has been working as an engineer at Gerresheimer Vineland in the USA since 2010 ... that an increasing number of women are choosing engineering professions. The proportion of women engineers working in Germany increased in the survey period ... However, measured against the number of male

Clean room laboratory for the Amberg-Weiden Univer...

... CTO of Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH, explaining the company’s involvement. “We need competent engineers that are specifically trained for our requirements and understand our customers‘ medical ... Dr. Franz Magerl (Amberg-Weiden University of Applied Sciences, Department of Industrial Engineering, Weiden), Manfred Baumann (Chief Technology Officer of Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH), ... Christian Wilisch (Amberg-Weiden University of Applied Sciences, Department of Industrial

André Nadrowski

... committed to helping other people in our organization through my work and that’s something that you can’t always take for granted in the engineering profession.  I ultimately chose Gerresheimer because this international organization provided me with a great start to my career and offered ...

Training Day at Gerresheimer Regensburg

... GmbH as a potential apprenticeship provider,“ explained HR Director Axel Süss. We offer apprenticeships for plastic and rubber process engineers, toolmakers, mechatronics fitters and electricians, plus sandwich degree courses in mechatronics and plastics engineering. Axel Süss will be welcoming the visitors with a speech. Then Carmen Kullmann, Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH’s Training Officer, will be ...

Best examination result for Gerresheimer apprentic...

... result for Gerresheimer apprentice May 15, 2015 Thomas Salenbacher achieved the top score in the Kronach Chamber of Commerce’s industrial engineering electronics technician apprenticeship examination Düsseldorf/Tettau, May 15, 2015. Thomas Salenbacher (23) spent three and a half years at Gerresheimer Tettau doing his industrial

Career News

... program Regensburg/Wackersdorf, July 18, 2014. Gerresheimer Regensburg launched a new sandwich degree course in July 2014. The Bachelor of Engineering in Medical... More Page 6 of 16. « ‹ 4 5 6 7 8 › »

Glass is a fascinating material

... a fascinating material April 12, 2016 Glass process engineering apprenticeships at Gerresheimer in Essen ... applications for the 2016 intake of glass processing engineer apprentices and Bachelor of Engineering in Automation Technology students. “I’ve always ... completing his apprenticeship as a glass processing

James Robert Baldwin

... you have passion for what you do, more and more opportunities will open up. During my career with Gerresheimer, I started out as an Electrical Engineer, Maintenance Supervisor, Plant Engineer, Manufacturing Manager and now a Plant Manager at the Morganton Plant. Every day I look forward to being a part of this company because I know ...

The VDI’s OWL District Association visits Gerreshe...

... – Gerresheimer Bünde hosted a visit from the Association of German Engineers’ OWL (Ostwestfalen-Lippe) District Association on Friday. The ... the production facility. A delegation from the Association of German Engineers’ OWL District Association visited Gerresheimer Bünde on Friday. ... various stages of the production process. Then Klaus Jahn, Head of

What’s a bachelor of engineering program all about...

What’s a bachelor of engineering program all about? What’s a bachelor of engineering program all about? March 31, 2016 Düsseldorf/Lohr, ... Lohr has also been providing a combined bachelor of engineering and apprenticeship in mechanical engineering for a number of years now. “The good thing about ... theory and practice. That’s a major advantage in any

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