Delivery Devices for Subcutaneous Administration of Drugs

Therapies are diverse and must often meet a variety of patient needs. Whether a medical device is only used several minutes or 24h — we develop customized solutions for subcutaneous and intravenous administration of drugs. Our products are designed to serve the needs of small and of large molecules as well as that of small and large volumes.

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On-Body Drug Delivery Devices (large molecules)

The SensAirR drug delivery device is ready to be customized! This patched-on device delivers large molecules (biologics) subcutaneously and is designed for therapies which periodically require a certain total quantity of a formulated drug. Typical applications include proteins such as monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).

  • Customizable device platform
  • Up to 10 ml and between 10 and 20 ml total volume
  • Pre-filled cartridge easily to be loaded by user at home
  • Overall injection time adjustable according to needs
  • Can master a wide range of viscosities
  • Automatic needle insertion and retraction, occlusion detection
  • High reliability due to few device components
  • Connectivity options within digital ecosystem
  • From Cartridge to Device – One-Stop-Shop Gerresheimer

On-Body Drug Delivery Devices (small molecules)

The on-body drug delivery device for the subcutaneous administration of small-molecule drugs is available for volumes up to 3 ml. It is patched onto the body. Typical applications are bolus and basal regimens over several hours.


  • High accuracy at low dosing increments
  • Home-use with basal and / or bolus profile
  • Automatic needle insertion and retraction
  • Occlusion detection
  • Resusable/Disposable concept supports sustainability
  • Standard glass cartridges

Belt worn On-Body Drug Delivery Devices (small molecules)

This belt-worn on-body drug delivery device for small-molecule drugs has been developed for our pharma partner EVER Pharma. The wearable device is used by Parkinson's disease patients for the administration of apomorphine to treat this long-term degenerative disorder of the central nervous system. This device is customizable to be used with suitable other drugs for other diseases.

  • Modular and flexible reusable/disposable system
  • Up to 20 ml drug volume application
  • 24/7 use
  • Adjustable treatment according to the needs of the patient
  • Adjustable flowrates, basal and bolus
  • Easy to use and easy to operate user interface
  • Multiple language package
  • Belt-worn with luer connector and infusion set.
  • Automatic filling from vial into internal reservoir
  • Accurate, reliable and safe drug dosage
  • Charging station and integrated batteries

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