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At our core, we prioritize understanding and respecting the needs of our customers, and we strive to build their trust in all that we do.
As part of our mission “innovating for a better life”, we make sure that our marketing and communication efforts align with our values of teamwork, responsibility, integrity, bold innovation, and excellence.
We understand the impact that our messaging can have, and we take responsibility to ensure that it is socially responsible and does not exploit the vulnerabilities of any individuals or groups.
To reinforce our dedication to responsible marketing and communication, we have developed a Responsible Marketing Policy that applies to everyone involved in Marketing and Communications within Gerresheimer, including external partners.
Marketing and Communications employees as well as employees at agencies or service providers working with Gerresheimer are made aware of this policy, are being informed of any updates and generally reminded once a year.


We commit to aligning all our marketing and communication measures with the Gerresheimer Code of Conduct. Non-compliance is subject to investigation and disciplinary action. If you have any concerns regarding specific marketing or communication measures or believe they violate our Code of Conduct or this policy, please send an email to or, use our whistleblowing system.

Honest and accurate communication

At Gerresheimer, our communication is transparent, authentic, inclusive, and honest. We believe in using clear and straightforward marketing communications that do not mislead customers in any way. We strive to communicate honestly and accurately about our products and solutions. Our product claims are verified, we only promote products for their approved use.


We take care to clearly identify marketing communication as such in editorial contexts and do not disguise it as market research or user-generated content

Inclusive messaging

We strive to show diversity in our marketing communication and we take great care to ensure that our marketing and communication content does not offend any individuals or groups.

Avoiding controversial topics and glorification

We avoid politically sensitive topics, such as racism, social exclusion, and other similar issues in our marketing materials. We also avoid content with sexual messages or that glorifies e. g. physical attributes such as extremes of thinness or beauty.

Respecting the dignity of sick individuals

As the partner of choice for pharmaceutical companies we have a special responsibility not to exploit individuals suffering from diseases for our marketing and communication campaigns.

No advertising to children

As a B2B company, our marketing measures are aimed at customers, business and cooperation partners from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food/beverage sectors. Our marketing measures are not directed at individual private persons. Children are generally not a target group of the Gerresheimer marketing and communication measures.

Sustainable Impact

We are committed to continuously innovating in order to reduce our environmental footprint and increase our social impact. We are committed to the importance of accurately representing the sustainability attributes and impact of our products, and we will refrain from making exaggerated or misleading claims in this regard.

Data and privacy

Data and privacy At Gerresheimer, we understand that the digital landscape and customer expectations have rapidly evolved in recent years. To ensure that we respect the privacy of our customers, we place great emphasis on our digital activities and data processing. Our Responsible Marketing Policy reflects our unwavering commitment to safeguarding our customers’ privacy. 

Information about our privacy policy can be found here: 

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