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A clear commitment to sustainability

“Our sustainability goals need to be ambitious.”

- Bernd Metzner CFO -

For us sustainability is more than managing emissions and energy consumption

We aim for a balanced and broad scope of our sustainability engagement, while at the same time focusing on what is most relevant to us.

We take care of climate and global warming, using resources in a sustainable manner, developing sustainable products, being a responsible employer and good citizen in our local communities.

Therefore, our sustainability strategy consists of three pillars:

  • GxPure: Taking care of climate and the environment
  • GxCircular: Taking care of resources through sustainable products, responsible supply chain and circular economy
  • GxCare: Taking care for people - for our employees and our impact on society

For each of the three pillars we have defined three focus topics for our comitment.


By setting concrete goals, target periods and performance indicators, we make our progress measurable. In future, we will report annually on the status of target achievement. In the future, we will report annually on the status of target achievement.

GxPure (environment)

  • CO2 emissions: We will reduce our absolute CO2 emissions to keep the global temperature rise below 1.5 °C.
  • Renewable energy: Increase in the share of electricity from renewable sources
  • Water: Sites with high water stress will achieve certification for responsible water use; Reducing global water withdrawals

GxCircular (resources and materials)

  • Recycling and waste: Reduce the feed of industrial waste from our own manufacturing to landfills while minimizing incineration rates
  • Ecodesign:  Systematic incorporation of circular economy principles into our product design
  • Responsible supply chain management: (RScM) Assessments of our suppliers on ecological and social aspects

GxCare (people)

  • Employee satisfaction: Ranked in the top 25% of employers in terms of employee satisfaction
  • Health and safety:  Providing a healthy and safe working environment
  • Community Engagement: All sites engage yearly with their local communities

For an overview about our sustainability targets, KPI and the status of target achievement, please go to our download section.

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