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Project management

An overview of the whole world

Complex tasks are mastered at Gerresheimer Medical Systems through our international 40-member Project Management team. To this purpose we form specialist teams that plan, organize and process projects with the customer promptly and reliably.

Your PLUS with Gerresheimer

Our program managers are certified according to internationally recognized standards – nearly all of them have obtained the Senior Project Manager certificate. Certification is provided by globally recognized certification institutes like the IAPM (International Association of Project Managers), the IPMA (International Project Management Association), or the PMI (Project Management Institute).

In the course of qualification we concentrate on the following content:

  • Promotion of research, development, and practical application
  • Exchange of project experiences, research, and teaching results
  • Increases in project management quality
  • Promotion of international cooperation
  • Development and refinement of management standards and best practice models
  • Development of guidelines for management training (basic and advanced course)
  • Evaluation and improvement of management performance through the assessment of knowledge and expertise
  • Implementation of testing and certification procedures
  • Regional and international distribution and specialization of project management knowledge 

Our Program Management dispatches all orders from Germany around the world. Experienced program managers control international resource allocation and in this way ensure the cost optimization of their project. Optimal technical support of our international customers is ensured through competent Program Managers at our international locations. The managers on location work in close consultation with the different Technical Competence Centers around the world. 

Uniform procedures worldwide:

  • Internationally valid processes
  • Uniform templates and layouts
  • Program Managers in Europe, North and South America, and China
  • Overarching processing of international projects

All of the reins come together in our Program Management. Competent Program Managers are responsible for all project steps from the creation of the functional requirements through the development of prototypes to series production and are also responsible for the observance of scheduling and budget specifications over the entire period of the project. They visualize the course of the project in detailed project plans and are informed of the status of the project at all times. Problems occurring are in this way detected at an early date and countermeasures are developed.

We structure our teams internationally from the start. The teams controlled by the Program Managers are occupied by experts for product and systems development, mold making, automation engineering, quality and production, who originate from our international Technical Competence Centers (USA, Europe, and China) and from our international production facilities worldwide.

Our Program Management speaks your language. Gerresheimer Medical Systems experts know your market, your individual requirements and the regulatory environment. Your contacts are there for you over the entire duration of the project; close to you and at the same time integrated into an internationally standardized system of competence. They accept your order. They define work packages for product and operating materials development, toolmaking, automation technology, and production. And not least, they ensure that these tasks are processed on schedule, according to budget, and in keeping with specifications.

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