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Analysts' recommendations and price targets

Gerresheimer AG is being analyzed by a multitude of German and international financial analysts. These analysts publish recommendations and price targets on the basis of their own research. On this webpage, we provide you with an overview of these analyst recommendations and price targets.

The following overview is based on publications by analysts of banks and brokers who currently have published comments, valuations and recommendations regarding Gerresheimer shares. Gerresheimer AG does not give any guarantee for the correctness, completeness or timeliness of these recommendations and price targets or their presentation. The analyst recommendations and price targets exclusively represent the opinions of these analysts and do not represent the opinion, estimate or forecast of Gerresheimer AG. This site is regularly updated following the release of our financial figures. Please contact the analysts or their firms directly if you are interested in copies of reports.

This overview is for informational purposes only and does by no means represent an invitation or promotion to purchase, hold or sell Gerresheimer shares. Gerresheimer AG does not accept any liability whatsoever as to any disadvantages arising to third parties from the use of the non-binding information on this webpage.

Here you can find the up-to-date consensus estimates.

Price Target EUR 97.08
Buy/Add/Overweight/Outperform 9
Hold/Neutral 5
Sell/Reduce/Underperform 0
Date 28/04/2022
Rating Outperform
Price Target EUR 101.00
Date 26/04/2022
Deutsche Bank
Rating Buy
Price Target EUR 115.00
Date 11/04/2022
Rating Buy
Price Target EUR 113.00
Date 22/10/2021
Independent Research
Rating Hold
Price Target EUR 85.00
Date 14/10/2021
Kepler Chevreux
Rating Hold
Price Target EUR 71.00
Date 05/04/2022
Rating Hold
Price Target EUR 103.00
Date 18/02/2021
Rating Hold
Price Target EUR 95.00
Date 18/02/2021
Berenberg Bank
Rating Buy
Price Target EUR 109.00
Date 08/12/2021
Credit Suisse
Rating Outperform
Price Target EUR 89.00
Date 17/02/2022
DZ Bank
Rating Buy
Price Target EUR 100.20
Date 21/02/2022
Goldman Sachs
Rating Buy
Price Target EUR 110.00
Date 07/04/2022
J.P. Morgan
Rating Neutral
Price Target EUR 68.90
Date 12/04/2022
Rating Buy
Price Target EUR 94.00
Date 18/02/2022
Rating Buy
Price Target EUR 105.00
Date 04/03/2022

Data as of 28/04/2022

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