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Bottles and containers made of moulded glass

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Our moulded glass product lines cover all the pharmaceutically relevant glass categories using borosilicate glass of type I and soda-silica glass of types II and III. In addition to our products made of amber and clear glass, we also produce coloured pharma glass. Our product range includes all the common mouth shapes in capacities from 2 to 4,000 ml and we can print or acid-etch our glass products on request. Besides our standard products we also develop custom glass packaging.

Complete system and solutions from one source

We have a strong expertise and know-how in the development and production of both glass and plastic packagings for pharmaceutical products. By providing both glass containers and closures from one source, we assure highest quality and safety standards for protecting your pharmaceutical product while reducing complexity of the sourcing. Together, we find the ideal solutions for you and your patients!

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Type II glass for parenteral applications

Type II glass is subject to a special surface treatment process known as interior hardening and tempering that makes its surface less prone to leaching caused by alkaline solutions. It is the best option for most parenteral drugs. For many years now, Gerresheimer has produced pharmaceutical bottles made from type II glass for drugs administered parenterally by injection or infusion. After overhauling and upgrading its clear-glass furnace in Essen, two new production lines were opened that will mainly be used to make type II glass and link directly to the newly expanded cleanroom. As a Center of Excellence for type II glass for the whole of the Gerresheimer Group, the site will focus on further increasing its capacity and expertise, supplemented by sizable investment in state-of-the-art self-learning testing lines, among other things.

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