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Container-level Identification

Full transparency from the beginning

Gerresheimer offers a choice of marking technologies for its broad product portfolio. Identification and authentication are developed for all our products. Giving a primary package an unique identification (UID) is the first step in our digital end-to-end traceability solution.


Container-level-identification for parenteral drug products

Gerresheimer can deliver two main identification methods to fit your strategy.

With us you don’t have to make a choice

Let us realize together your customized unique-identification concept

Gx® ID-Mark

Container flexibility
  • Applicable to all tubular glass packaging solutions
  • Suitable for products with and without closure
  • Simple, robust and reliable
  • Compatible with established off-the-shelf-readers
  • No need for high-price electronic components
Pharma compliant
  • Compatible with all relevant pharma operations
  • Highly resistant and robust
Early data tracking
  • Applied at the very beginning of packaging production
  • Linkage to container-related quality data possible
UID non-detachable 
  • Directly applied and non-detachable 
  • Remains on container after removal of accessoires
  • Enables post-required root-cause analysis
  • Avoids reuse of genuine packaging for counterfeits
Tamper-proof add-on
  • Combinable with a tamper-proof security feature

Gx® UID-Smart

Bulk reading
  • Simultanous reading of more items in one step
  • Simplified container management 
  • Efficient localization of affected items
Sightless reading
  • Identification without a direct line of sight
  • Reading of already packed or assembled products
Large distance reading
  • Extended reading distances 
  • Reading also under challenging ambient conditions
Read-write option
  • Adaption of UID data possible
  • Modification in running manufacturing operations
Connected at patient level
  • Communication with medical devices
  • Efficient patient record digitalization
  • Reduction of medication errors
Enhanced automation
  • Automated drug restocking processes in hospitals
  • Simplified hospital inventory management

  • Supports increasing need for more automation

Product Authentication

For additional security or specific anti-counterfeiting solutions. We are aiming for an additional layer of security for our products that will serve as key to the digital twins. Invisible markers will proove authenticity and origin.

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