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Are you ready to shape the future of cancer care with us? 

The goal of our current Open Innovation Initiative is to find solutions that provide cancer patients with the best possible therapy at home.

We believe that by merging advanced technology and intelligent (open) innovations we can create, establish and maintain a sustainable home healthcare system.

That's why, together with our partner ekipa, we initiated the Healthtech Program, which focuses on developing new approaches or applying existing solutions to build sustainable and digital healthcare.

This open innovation competition is divided into two phases: In the first qualification phase, which is now closed, participants submitted their solution approach.

In the second collaboration phase   two teams will be selected to further elaborate their solutions. In this second phase, the participants come together with us in a structured process and both sides are empowered to qualitatively elaborate the solution approaches and take them to the next level. At the final pitch event at the end of November, the winning team will be selected.

The background

Cancer therapy can be a challenging and time-consuming process, requiring patients to travel to medical facilities for appointments and treatments. This can be especially difficult for patients who live far away from treatment centers or who have mobility or transportation issues. At Gerresheimer we are working on solutions that provide patients with the best possible therapy at home– in the field of cancer and beyond.

Despite the potential benefits of care@home services and the availability of medical devices, treatment today is still limited primary to large healthcare orgnizations. A key reason for this is that the healthcare system is complex and involves multiple stakeholders.

Good to know

We are a leading global provider of drug packaging and delivery solutions for various industries including pharmaceutical, healthcare, wellness and biotech.

Even though the submission phase for the Healthtech program has already ended, we are always interested in partnerships and collaborations. Therefore if you have an innovative solution you would like to discuss with us, we would be happy to hear from you.

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