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Connected devices and smart services

Nowadays the development of medical devices is discussed in terms of connectivity. Connected medical devices are already entering everyday life bringing the potential to deliver better patient care, improve operational efficiency, and drive down healthcare costs. All those involved clearly recognize the added value generated by the evaluation of data. Medical device connectivity can help providing healthcare professionals with complete, accurate and current patient assessments on demand.

The patient receives a therapy and administration of medication that is tailored to him or her and ensures effective treatment of the disease in a targeted manner. In an online interaction between patient and doctor, the patient is directly supervised and supported in using the device and taking the medication. In the correct dose and frequency. This ensures a safe and optimized course of therapy, and a particular advantage is that the patient can remain at home in his or her familiar surroundings the whole time. Frequent and time-consuming visits to the patient's doctor or home visits by nursing staff are significantly reduced, which relieves the costs of the health care system.

Pharmaceutical companies realize that the efficacy of the drug can be proven in a much shorter time unit if secured and reliable data are available. The time to market and approval of new drugs can be reduced based on existing data and the collection of new data. The period of clinical trials is shortened, which represents a clear added value in terms of time-to-market.

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