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Traceability and Trust at Crucial Steps Along the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Gerresheimer is working to revolutionize its primary packaging by transforming it into a secure gateway to access digital twins. A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical asset at a specific point in a process. By mirroring processes such as manufacturing steps and creating a virtual replica of an asset, like a syringe, it becomes possible to digitally trace an asset’s journey from its inception to the end of its lifecycle. This approach enables multiple stakeholders along the value chain to securely track the product’s current status and determine its true identity by digitally tracing its origin.


Overcoming the Challenge of Limited Data Flow Along the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

The pharma supply chain is complex. There are many participants, it is global, and the data often sits in silos. This leads to limited transparency, lack of trust, and inefficiency. Digital technologies can break these silos. To overcome these challenges Gerresheimer has created the digital twin solution and is building a digital eco-system with trusted and experienced partners. This solution enhances traceability and trust in critical steps along the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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Primary Packaging Turns Into the Key to Access its Digital Twin

Primary Packaging receives a unique ID and security feature and turns into a key that provides access to its digital twin. All participants in the supply chain can add data to the digital twin in a secure way and enrich it with the relevant information. The information (data) is immutable, secured and stored in a decentralized manner based on blockchain technology.

This solution allows the manufacturer of primary packaging, as well as firms taking the responsibility for filling, to improve the overall quality, reduce complaint handling processes, and minimize recalls. Benefits include: 

  • Avoiding batch mix-ups of filled containers and enhancing batch segregation during and after the fill-finish process
  • Increasing sustainability by enabling recycling and waste reduction, resulting in a positive environmental impact
  • Contributing to a patient-centric pharmaceutical supply chain by allowing point-of-care facilities to instantly and securely identify the medication and support global anti-counterfeiting efforts

Gerresheimer is committed to contributing to a patient-centric and reliable pharmaceutical supply chain by driving digitalization

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