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Responsible water management

The responsible use of water is important to us. We want to use water as carefully as possible. Water is a local issue. As water problems occur locally, they must be tackled site-specific. We therefore want to focus our water stewardship efforts on sites which are situated in high or very high water-stress areas of the world.

Our target

100% of our Gerresheimer sites in areas with high or very high water stress will achieve the Alliance for Waterstewardship (AWS) good water-stewardship certification by 2030.

We also commit to reducing our global water intake by 10% by 2030 compared to a 2019 baseline.

Our approach

Water is of great importance in the production of plastic and glass packaging. In glass production, water is mainly used to cool rejects and to clean cullet or finished products. In the production of plastic packaging, machines and compressors are cooled with water. 

Currently, fifteen of our production sites are located in areas with high or very high water stress. These locations account for 62% (2023) of our global water withdrawals.

Next, our sites with high water stress will begin to collect and analyze detailed data on water consumption and treatment in line with the AWS standard. Based on this, we will develop site-specific plans for sustainable water management.

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