- Gerresheimer AG

Key Principles

Gerresheimer attracts, develops and retains talent from the full scope of all labor markets

To enrich and leverage our capability set, Gerresheimer attracts talent from all parts of the globe regardless of their age, ethnicity, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, religion or disability.

Gerresheimer fosters, values and makes use of diversity of thought among its employees. The overall aim is to attain and sustain excellence in:

  • delivering results and focusing on solutions
  • anticipating and meeting market needs
  • generating innovation

Gerresheimer strengthens its orientation towards people and trust. Our leaders are role models for applying our strategy in daily corporate life. An inclusive leadership style is key to success in a diverse environment. It is well proven that diverse teams which are led poorly or in a non-inclusive way are weaker than non-diverse teams while inclusively managed diverse teams outperform both. Therefore, Gerresheimer cultivates a working environment that is based on mutual trust, respect and the dedication to top performance.

In Gerresheimer, the global proportion of women in leadership positions should reflect the proportion of women in the global company workforce. We continuously work on increasing the percentage of women in leadership positions.