Push for recycled raw materials

As a leading producer of packaging for cosmetic products, Gerresheimer is committed to driving sustainability in the sector. We are truly experienced in using post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials.

While still conveying quality and elegance, recycled materials in cosmetic packaging save natural resources, energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Gerresheimer is the pioneer for PCR glass

We have been successfully producing glass with a very high proportion of PCR glass for more than 10 years in Momignies, Belgium, and also in Tettau, Germany, since 2020.

  • Glass is a 100% recyclable raw material, meaning it can be turned back into glass infinitely in a circular system without losing quality.
  • Re-melting of glass cullet reduces the CO2 footprint, saves virgin raw materials and energy.
  • By choosing regional supply where possible, we limit impact from transport to a minimum.

Manifold cosmetic applications for PCR plastic

Gerresheimer offers its PET ranges for the cosmetic industry with various blends of recycled PET for years now.

  • We can produce bottles made from up to 100 % R-PET.
  • PET is a 100% recyclable raw material.
  • Re-melting of plastics reduces the CO2 footprint, saves virgin raw materials and energy.

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