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Plastic packaging for solid, liquid and ophthalmic applications

Containers, bottles, caps, closures, applicators and accessories

As a specialist for pharmaceutical plastic packaging Gerresheimer offers a widely varied spectrum of packaging solutions within solid, liquid and ophthalmic applications. Our leading brands Duma®, Dudek™ and Triveni for solid dosage, edp-branded PET bottles for liquid dosage and our ophthalmic products form part of a comprehensive and innovative product range. Our standard range includes a wide choice of different types of containers and closures, PET bottles, eye droppers, nasal sprays, nebulizers, applicators, accessories as well as numerous customized developments.

Primary Packaging Plastics has a unique, wide, and deep product portfolio with a global presence with plants in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia and we offer:

  • The market's broadest standard product range
  • Complete solution provider
  • Eco-friendly packaging made of sugarcanes
  • Product database supporting registration in any country in the world
  • Easy transfer of production

Product catalogue

Prescription containers for the North American prescription retail market

Since 2015 Centor is a member of the Gerresheimer Group and the largest supplier of regulatory compliant prescription plastic containers for medication dispensing for the North American prescription retail market. The product portfolio includes the flagship products 1-Clic® vials and closure systems, Screw-Loc® vials and closures systems, as well as PET recycled ovals, applicators, droppers, ointment jars and wide mouth plastic bottles. Centor serves national and regional pharmacy chains, supermarkets and wholesalers.

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