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Consistently high quality and identical reproduction

Consumable laboratory products for sample preparation, reagent vessels and tips for sample preparation, pipette tips for the pipetting of reagents, cuvettes and microtiter plates for sample analysis or the cartridge including the reagents – we develop and produce customer-specific lab disposables for the entire sample throughput. You can design your entrance with Gerresheimer extremely flexibly: Contract developmentindustrialization or contract manufacturing – we are your competent partner for every step of the value creation chain for laboratory disposables.

Your PLUS with Gerresheimer

As a full service provider, we assume responsibility for all stages of the value creation chain, from planning to the finished and ready-to-use lab disposable: from the concept development, industrial design and product development through manufacturing equipment design, moldmaking and automation engineering to large and small series production under FDA/GMP conditions, assembly, as well as packaging and worldwide logistics, you receive all services from one source at Gerresheimer. As an expert for the combination of plastics and metal, we also assume responsibility for the assembly of electronics, for example, the assembly of RFID chips, because the traceability of tests and the provision of information for the analysis device through the test to be carried out is increasing in importance.

Gerresheimer Medical Systems develops your lab disposables made of plastics according to the user requirements specifications or optimize the component layout for injection molding production on the basis of your ideas. Our engineers already take the design for manufacturing into consideration in the development phase of new laboratory disposables. For you this means a shortening of the development time and the development costs, as the plastic-compatible optimization following the product development is dispensed with. Our development experts for lab disposables made of plastics thereby also attach importance to product-specific requirements, such as visual quality, chemical resistance and netting behavior.

Constant quality and identical reproduction are absolutely necessary with lab disposables of plastics, because even the most minor deviations can impair visual and chemical analysis procedures, for example, in the case of cuvettes. Through secure selection of material, high capacity and precise molds designed for clean room production, we create the prerequisites for the impeccable quality of these sensitive products. Large numbers of units presume highly automated production processes. We develop and build product-specific complete solutions for this task. Automated handling systems directly coupled with the injection molding machine, nest-specific removal systems, test systems, for example, for testing the seal, as well as automated assembly and packaging systems ensure efficient production.

We offer production facilities in Pfreimd (Germany), Horšovský Týn (Czech Republic), Skopje (North Macedonia), Peachtree City (USA), Indaiatuba (Brazil) and Dongguan City (China), which serve our international diagnostics and medical device customers worldwide. With a production area of 120,000 sqm (1,300,000 sqft), of this around 60,000 sqm (670,000 sqft) of clean room area according to ISO 14644-1 ISO classes 7, 8, 9 and GMP classes C and D, as well as more than 350 injection molding machines, we are one of the leading companies in the industry for laboratory disposables.

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