Customized solutions

Extravagantly styled flacons, jars and bottles, plus a comprehensive service, have earned our excellent reputation in the global fragrance, cosmetics and personal care market. 

Besides a unique diversity within our broad range of standard products made of glass or plastic we are developing customized solutions tailored to your individual needs. 

We reflect your concepts of beauty and aesthetic appeal for fragrances, skin and body care and color cosmetics, and our many years of experience makes us a versatile specialist for the cosmetics market. 

We are your creative partner in all your product packaging endeavours

Our experienced teams are willing to join forces with you to develop designs that foster your brand’s identity and turn products into a real masterpiece. We are able to support you in every step of the product development process with our expertise in design and technical knowledge.

We can be your sparring partner for idea generation, creative design, sustainability assessment and of course the technical evaluation of your project. We will bring the design to life and allow you to experience it throughout various prototyping steps.

During the process we will do several feedback loops together, to ensure that an outstanding product is launched at the end.

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