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The packaging of a product strongly influences the buying decision of the consumer. The finish of cosmetic packaging is what makes it especially distinctive and expressive. Optic and haptic are key to creating emotions. We can turn your product into an outstanding masterpiece and foster your brand’s identity.

Putting a Wow on the consumer’s face

We are always on the lookout for the latest developments and future trends. We are eager to help you design the perfect packaging for your cosmetic product. Our experts will guide you through the development of unique ideas and bring the creation process to life.

Our expertise

Today we are decorating a huge percentage of all cosmetic packaging produced in our plants each year. We are offering a wide range of finishing techniques and processes. Many of these can be combined with each other, there are no limits to creativity. Our experts are constantly working on technological advancement.


The most popular decoration techniques

We are working on many other ideas. Please contact us for any wish regarding decoration, we are happy to look at all possibilities together. Get inspired by our customized solutions.

Printing Techniques

We are mastering various printing techniques. Screen printing offers broad decoration possibilities and strong advantages in terms of resistance, brilliance and colour intensity. Among other options, we offer water-based organic and UV curing organic colours. For a two-dimensional impression with embossed haptic, we can propose Hot Foil Stamping. In addition, tampon printing can be used for larger surface printings. Digital printing enables customisation of the printed image.

Coating Techniques

Creativity is limitless. We can realise single or multi-colour lacquering. The decoration can be either opaque or translucent. Also a colour gradient optic is possible. Special outstanding finishes can be achieved, for example a satin, matt or mirror-like metallic appearance. Also haptic effects, like soft-touch, can be realised. Glass packaging can be decorated with a chrome finish through metallisation, in gold, silver or a range of other colours. Powder coating is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly coating techniques. Powder coatings are absolutely solvent-free and the "overspray", which occurs during the application on the cosmetic container, can be collected and re-used.

Matt Treatment

Clear glass can be turned into frosted glass, thus giving a blurred but translucent appearance. In addition, a velvety, very pleasant touch makes the packaging even more attractive for the consumer. Frosting can be achieved through acid etching, lacquering or sandblasting. A matt treatment can be carried out fully or partially on any shape and can be combined with lacquering, printing or labelling.


The final embellishment of your packaging can involve self-adhesive labels, or we can glue any kind of additional accessory (plates, ribbons, etc.) onto the glass.

Shrink sleeves are labels which are fully or partially wrapped around a cosmetic container like a second skin. With this technique you have the possibility to add designs all over the container without limitations due to the shape.

Mass Colouring

We offer various glass colours (amber) as well as multiple options via feeder colouration to make packaging colourful.

For plastic packaging the mass colouring options are countless. We cooperate with experienced colouring partners and we have the capability to develop specific master batches within short notice.

Special Techniques

In addition to the established main decoration techniques, we also offer special finishes. These include laser technology, which allows for the individualisation of cosmetic packaging. Jars and bottles can be laser marked to add customized designs or product information.

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