Push for lighter packaging solutions

Design for less follows the approach of reducing the raw material needed for a shape while ensuring the full product performance required, e.g. in stress resistance.

The Design for Less lightweight approach offers many benefits:

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Saving of raw material
  • Decreased transport emissions

With our expertise in product and mould design we can contribute to saving resources without compromising on quality and optical appearance. We are your partner for the design process from the start. Benefit from our creative specialists in your product packaging design development.

Our Experience

Our plastic packaging plant in Zaragoza has been successfully producing lighter plastic solutions for more than five years. When developing a customized mould, Gerresheimer always tries to propose the lighter solution.

Especially for luxury cosmetic packaging, the weight of glass is a sign of high value. However, lighter packaging design is a very effective way to increase the sustainability of a packaging. Gerresheimer Moulded Glass has many years of experience in designing light-weight packaging especially for the food and beverage industry. Since now more and more cosmetic brands are considering more light-weight designs, we are able to transfer our know-how and experience for skincare and fragrance glass packaging. Packaging weight can be reduced significantly compared to a standard version using CFD (computerised fluid dynamics) simulation technology at an early design stage.

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