Jobs at Gerresheimer

Application process

From the very first step to a warm welcome – That's how you come to us!

Your application has been received

Very good! Your application is now showing up in our digital recruiting system. What now? See for yourself. As soon as you logged in into your account, you can always see the current status of your application. And more: You can add more documents, withdraw your application and apply for another vacancy, if you want.


Now it is our turn, within our recruiting team we screen your application. We evaluate your documents (and those of other applicants), match your qualifications with the requirements of the specific position and together with the hiring manager we decide for a preselection. In case we need more documents for your side, we will let you know.

Getting to know you in a first interview

There is nothing like the personal contact. We will invite you to a first interview. Your interlocutors: one representative from the respective department and one from HR. Because besides your experience and professional abilities, your personality matters a lot at Gerresheimer. Do you fit into our culture and team? We will figure that out. In the meantime you can do the same and get a proper picture of us. Only when both sides can imagine working together, we will take the next steps.

Further interviews

It depends on the position whether we invite you to a second or third interview. We try to keep each application process as lean as possible though. Interns, we only invite to one interview, for professionals, we usually plan a second interview with another department’s supervisor and for executive roles, three interviews are common. One thing is for sure: As soon as we invite you a second or even a third time, we have a great interest in you. It is quite likely for you to receive a concrete contract offer from us, after we finalized the conditions.

Employment contract

In case you have been as thrilled from us as we are from you after your interview(s), we will send you the employment contract to be signed. And soon the onboarding can start!

Welcome to the team

“Day one” is almost ahead of you. Coming to us highly enthusiastic? Sounds great! Because we are thrilled to have you in our team. Soon, lots of unknown faces will be your familiar colleagues, with whom you will achieve great things and share a big part of your life with.


What’s important for us

We try to keep our application process as lean as possible and to give our candidates quick and regular feedback. Depending on the position, the application process might take longer – but usually, there are only a few weeks between receiving an application and the final hiring.