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In addition to the large number of products, Gerresheimer offers a wide range of primary packaging services. Gerresheimer experts support pharma customers in every phase of development through to fill & finish. In addition to using our own experts and laboratories, we also draw on a network of external specialists for our customers when necessary.

Development Projects

If a new pharma product is being planned, Gerresheimer is your competent partner right from the early development phase. Our experts support you in material selection, chemical and surface analysis, as well as design selection. A large number of tests can be carried out on behalf of the customer in Gerresheimer's own or partner laboratories. In addition, we can draw on a wide range of knowledge and expertise gained from many years of project experience.

Special requirements on the part of the liquid drug product often require special primary packaging materials. The Gerresheimer product and material experts are your contact for plastics, glass, rubber, metals and other materials, both internally and externally to the customer. We provide comprehensive advice to develop the best packaging material and device, even if it is not available "off-the-shelf". We help select the right syringe, the best vial, the most appropriate glass or plastic bottle, and the best device.

Clinical phases of pharmaceutical development

Once a packaging material has been established, Gerresheimer offers comprehensive laboratory and regulatory services. In addition to the rapid provision of test samples for our customers, we carry out orienting functionality tests on behalf of our customers and provide support for stability studies. The provision of documents required for your approval and the performance of user studies are also part of our service offering.

Product Support

An inventory of important and innovative packaging materials for tests such as stability studies is available at any time. Our experts also form a close interface to new product development and provide prototypes.

Laboratory Services

Careful selection of the appropriate packaging materials and close coordination between the pharmaceutical customer and the packaging material manufacturer are crucial as early as the development phase. Our laboratories are equipped to deal with a wide range of complex issues, and we also draw on a network of long-standing partner laboratories when special problems need to be solved.

Regulatory Support

The "Regulatory Affairs" group of experts takes care of all matters relating to standards, pharmacopoeias and pharma-relevant guidelines. In addition to constant updates and implementation of new requirements, the Gx Regulatory team is in close contact with customers to assist with regulatory issues.

Commercial Phase

Our experts can assist with production and filling processes. When implementing your commercial strategy, we assist in the selection of contract manufacturers and logistics issues. As market experts, we can suggest suitable packaging materials in the course of your life cycle management to ensure your market success.

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