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Glass syringes

We meet the strictest requirements for glass bodies on highly precise production systems, which are equipped with in-line, proprietary camera inspection systems for the inspection of geometrical parameters and cosmetic-visual defects. The prefillable glass syringes can be delivered as bulk goods (Gx® bulk) with filling volumes from 0.5 to 5.0 ml or in „ready-to-fill“ format (Gx RTF®) with filling volumes from 0.5 to 3.0 ml. A Drug Master File Type III is available.

Needle syringes
Gx® prefillable needle glass syringes
To needle syringes
Luer lock syringes
Gx® prefillable luer lock glass syringes
To luer lock syringes
Luer cone syringes
Gx® prefillable luer cone glass syringes
To luer cone syringes
Safety syringes
Safety syringes - Gerresheimer
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Closures and accessoires
Closures and accessoires - Gerresheimer
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Sterilization of Gx RTF® Syringes
Sterilization of the Gx RTF®
To the Sterilization of the Gx RTF® Syringes

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