Sterilization Gx RTF

Sustainability in focus: Ethylene oxide significantly reduced by around 45%

RTF process step of ethylene oxide sterilization improved

As much as necessary, as little as possible. We can't do without sterilization if we want safety, but we have checked the process and made it as sustainable as possible.

We are working on an innovative and sustainable solution that will reduce the use of ethylene oxide by around 45% and thus reduce fugitive emissions of ethylene oxide. At the same time, we are ensuring the safety of our syringe products.

With our sterile Gx RTF® syringes, we are considered a technology leader with more than 20 years of production experience. We wash, siliconize, assemble with needle guard or tip cap and sterilize Gx RTF® syringes with ethylene oxide (EtO), meaning they are shipped fully prepared for aseptic filling.

The benefits for you

It is considered the method with the broadest application for medical products due to its effectiveness at lower temperatures and compatibility with a variety of materials. It has become the standard sterilization method in the manufacture of ready-to-fill glass containers. However, when ethylene oxide is used as a sterilizing agent, fugitive emissions may escape and residues may remain on the sterilized products. Due to strict regulation, it is ensured that any residues of the gas or its degradation products are within the permissible limits.

Continued safe use of ethylene oxide as the most widely used sterilization method for primary glass packaging

Reduction of required aeration times and thus resulting in improved customer supply chain efficiencies

Maintaining specified residual ethylene oxide while reducing fugitive emissions and excess residuals

Reduction of the CO2 footprint

Realizing these potentials will greatly contribute to our goal of improving the sustainability performance of our products for you. It is our utmost concern to achieve this goal together with you.

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