Annual Report 2023


Focusing on people: our key to successful transformation

At Gerresheimer, people are at the heart of our transformation and our growth strategy, formula g. They are the driving force behind our success, and our aim is to create a working environment that values and supports each individual. The development of our new People & Organization strategy is guiding us on this path.

From Human Resources to People & Organization: Changing our working culture

2023 marks a paradigm shift at Gerresheimer, with the renaming of Human Resources to Global People & Organization (P&O). This step reflects our transition to a holistic approach that focuses on human capabilities and organizational performance in equal measure — away from a purely administrative HR model, toward a strategically oriented P&O function that promotes innovation and growth. Our new direction emphasizes the importance of every employee and aims to establish a working environment that fosters both individual development and collective success. This transformation is a clear commitment to our further evolution as a forward-thinking company. 

Our People & Organization strategy: Moving forward together

Our formula People & Organization (P&O) forms the backbone of our long-term HR strategy. It paves the way for an organization that prioritizes diversity, equal opportunities, and well-being in the workplace. We focus on attracting, developing, and retaining top talent while establishing a culture of empowerment and effective leadership. Our P&O strategy comprises transformative elements such as the adaptability of the organization, the development of robust talent pipelines, and the implementation of agile, digital solutions. Through these elements, we strive to improve working conditions and the common good, ultimately with the aim of increasing the overall performance of the Company. 

Responsible for designing and implementing our People & Organization strategy

The P&O Council, consisting of managers from the business units, plays a central role in shaping our P&O strategy. The Council combines strategic visions with operational reality and manages the implementation of our goals. The P&O Heads, our global HR managers, and their teams are also indispensable when it comes to the practical implementation of our strategies. They provide valuable insights from our locations and plants and ensure that the P&O strategy is put into practice in day-to-day processes. 

This collaboration between the P&O Council and the P&O organization fosters a synergy of strategic foresight and operational excellence. Their collaborative work enables us to develop a viable and forward-thinking P&O strategy that will lead Gerresheimer into the future with a motivated and well-prepared workforce. 

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