Annual Report 2023


Innovating for a better life

Innovation is a cornerstone of our business strategy and crucial to our continuous growth. To foster innovation, we invest in cutting-edge technologies worldwide, and provide the structures and support needed to encourage our employees to share their creative ideas. By nurturing a culture of innovation, we are constantly exploring and developing new solutions to address the challenges we face today and in the future, particularly in the area of digital health. Our goal is to create sustainable value by developing innovative solutions that improve the lives of patients, and we are dedicated to achieving this vision through ongoing innovation.

Unleashing the innovative power of ONE Gerresheimer

At Gerresheimer, we challenge the status quo. Our team is constantly exploring innovative ideas and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to improve our existing processes. Rather than seeing innovation as a solitary endeavor, we understand that true progress comes from collaboration. Our global innovation management team works alongside our employees to help plan, develop, and evaluate innovations around the world. We award not only the development of ideas, but also their successful application and transformation into commercially viable products and services. Our innovation process is deliberately structured, comprising a variety of tasks that are systematically modeled to bring about the most promising outcomes. 

The highlight of internal innovation initiatives in 2023 was our first hackathon, which focused on finding hidden potential that would give us an advantage as a company in the future. The submissions from colleagues worldwide were rich in creativity and possibilities, which were further developed in various teams during a week-long event. The two best ideas were then included in our ongoing incubation program, which we will continue in 2024. 

Innovative digital health solutions for therapy support

Personalized healthcare is a rapidly growing megatrend that demands new approaches and true innovation. At the forefront of this movement, our digital health solutions for therapy support are playing a critical role in improving treatment outcomes. By enhancing quality of life for patients and reducing treatment costs, we are transforming healthcare for the better. Our solutions enable effective work processes and decision-making guidance at the point of care, driving significant improvements in treatment effectiveness. As a trusted strategic partner for digital health and innovation projects in a patient-oriented, digital health ecosystem, we are committed to delivering the best possible solutions for our clients and ultimately, enhancing healthcare for all. 

Gx Inbeneo®

Gx Inbeneo® is the first Gerresheimer autoinjector platform. It has been designed for safe and simple self-administration of high-viscosity drug products in volumes of up to 3 ml. 

Gx Inbeneo® has an innovative pre-pressurized, cartridge-based design with a double-ended needle that is separated from the cartridge until usage. Risk of needle clogging during storage is eliminated and the pre-pressurized system reduces or dissolves gas bubbles that can lead to aggregation. The design also allows for easy adaption to a specific drug formulation and volume.  

To balance injection time and patient comfort, the single-use autoinjector has a patented double-ended needle with different diameters at each end. This enables drug products with higher viscosities to be delivered in less time than with a standard needle.  

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Gx SensAir®

Gx SensAir® is an adaptable drug delivery device platform developed by Gerresheimer to meet the growing demand for the subcutaneous delivery of biologic drug products in large volume. Gx SensAir® is designed to facilitate home care for a wide range of indications. The device can connect to the cloud by smartphone and data can be transferred to healthcare providers for monitoring. 

Gx SensAir® was developed in line with our EcoDesign principles and is composed of a reusable module containing the electronics and a disposable module containing the fluid path and needle. There is no need to sterilize or cold-store the entire product and the electronics module can be re-used multiple times before being recycled. This innovation reduces carbon footprint and may decrease treatment costs. 

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Gerresheimer is utilizing innovative technology to streamline the inhalation process, enhancing treatments for COPD and asthma patients. Our device, Respimetrix, is specially designed to work with diverse pressurized metered dose inhalers and utilizes a patient's inhalation flow rate to record data during drug administration. This data is easily accessed through a user-friendly app on the patient's smartphone, enabling health professionals to provide accurate treatment guidance, and make necessary adjustments to improve outcomes. By creating this data-driven, digital solution, Gerresheimer is revolutionizing lung disease treatment and upholding our commitment to improve patient care worldwide. 

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Traceability Solutions

Gerresheimer is establishing itself as a crucial player in the world of Pharma 4.0 by offering innovative, interconnected systems. Our primary packaging can be equipped with a unique identification code, allowing it to be easily tracked throughout the entire manufacturing and supply process with a digital twin. 

The resulting transparency streamlines processes, deters counterfeit production and safeguards against potential drug mix-ups or errors in the production line. Beyond that, there is a growing call for increased traceability within the pharmaceutical industry from regulatory authorities and customers alike. With Gerresheimer's data-driven approach, we are poised to meet this demand with innovative solutions. 

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