Annual Report 2023


Gerresheimer is a profitable sustainable growth company

Gerresheimer’s dynamic growth in the financial year 2023 is the result of the systematic implementation of the formula g strategy process. With a highly customer-oriented approach, innovation, and a focus on top quality, our company has continuously improved its competitiveness, proved its resilience, and generated sustainable profitable growth. Growth drivers such as high-value solutions for biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and containment solutions contribute to the unique dynamic. 

The global drug pipeline is dominated by injectables. Injection solutions are also the most widely used means of administering biopharmaceutics They account for around 90% of the global drug pipeline. The market for biopharmaceuticals is growing at an average of 15% a year, significantly faster than the market as a whole. 

Our broad product portfolio enables us to address global megatrends and win orders for new innovative drugs, particularly biopharmaceuticals such as drugs based on the peptide hormone GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide 1) for the treatment of obesity. 

With the market set to be worth an estimated USD 80bn by 2030, GLP-1 typifies the huge potential of biopharmaceutical drugs and offers us unique opportunities for further profitable growth. 

System- and solution provider

As a system and solution provider and partner of choice for the global pharma and biotech industries, we help our customers improve the health and quality of life of millions of patients around the world. Gerresheimer offers one of the broadest — if not the broadest — portfolios of containment solutions and drug delivery systems on the market. 

We combine services, technologies, and products to create custom drug therapy solutions to improve patients’ lives. 

The product portfolio is divided across three core segments: 

  • Containment solutions — We safely package drugs for delivery to patients 

  • Drug delivery systems — We ensure that drugs can be administered safely with precise dosing 

  • Digital therapy support — We facilitate an optimized therapy process and an improved patient experience


Gerresheimer has a wealth of experience and expertise, meets the highest pharmaceutical quality standards, and is able to scale up the production of innovative systems and solutions worldwide to industrial levels. 

This puts Gerresheimer in a position to master any challenge. We help our customers deliver any drug, including highly innovative biopharmaceuticals, to and into the patient. We are constantly expanding our portfolio of high-quality and innovative products and solutions. 

Strategic Investments

We are investing in the right growth markets and accelerated our investment program in the financial year 2023. We expanded our capacities even further worldwide, especially in the areas of high-value solutions and medical devices. This included expansion in Peachtree and Morganton in the U.S. for pens, auto-injection devices, and high-quality containment solutions. We are also increasing our capacities in Queretaro, Mexico; Skopje, North Macedonia; Horsovsky Tyn, Czech Republic; and Bünde and Pfreimd in Germany, with a particular focus on syringes, pens, and auto-injectors. 

Our growth investments are an important driver of our margin expansion. The shift in the product mix toward a higher proportion of high-quality solutions and, in particular, biopharmaceuticals solutions will drive profitable growth in the coming years, as will the improvement in profitability of our core business. Our capital expenditure in recent years is already paying off. 

Contracts successfully concluded with leading pharmaceutical companies in the financial year 2023 reflect our strong position in the syringes, medical devices, and containment solutions markets. 

Our syringe segment offers a wide range of innovative solutions, like silicone-free systems, dual-chamber syringes, and our InnoSafe® selection. By doubling of our syringe capacities, we expect to triple our sales in this area over the next few years. 

In the ready-to-fill high-value injection vials and cartridges segment, we see strong growth potential in line with the successful development of the syringe segment, where 95% the market has shifted from for non-prewashed and non-sterilized syringes (bulk syringes) to ready-to-fill syringes over the past decade. We are working to repeat this success story for injection vials and cartridges with the support of the new EZ-fill Smart™ industry standard. 

High Value Solutions and Medical Devices

Thanks to our expertise and strong track record, biopharmaceutical injectables are accounting for an ever-growing share of sales. Our ready-to-fill solutions for syringes, injection vials, and cartridges are playing a particular role in the positive development in the high-value solutions segment. Medical devices such as auto-injectors and pens are also accelerating growth. These are areas where we hold a strong position, as shown by an extensive pipeline of new orders. 

With our systems and solutions, we support our customers’ needs in key therapeutic areas — from chronic and autoimmune diseases, cell and gene therapy, vaccines, and infectious diseases to ophthalmology, oncology, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other metabolic illnesses. Throughout all of these therapeutic areas, we have the skills and solutions to be the right partner for all pharma and biotech companies, no matter their size, and at every stage of the drug life cycle.

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