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Gx CyClic®

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Say hello to our new refillable cosmetic jar Gx CyClic® in collaboration with our partner Medicos Beauty Group. Crafted with innovation and eco-consciousness in mind, this elegant jar is designed for a more responsible and easy-to-use approach to beauty. Welcome to a world of cosmetic packaging solutions where style meets sustainability in every indulgent application.

Convinces with one Click

The innovative refill solution for cosmetic products consist of 
Re-CliCK, the refillable plastic inner and closure solution by Medicos Beauty Group and Gx CyClic®, the matching reusable glass jar by Gerresheimer. Particularly unique is the handling system: No more complaining about difficulties when changing the refill pack!

- Easy-to-use “one Click” refill system
- Provides safe and easy locking
- Easy removing of the inner

Sustainability and Innovation go hand in hand

Sustainability is at the core of the design of the refill system. Gx CyClic® complies with all our EcoDesign principles: Reduce, Replace, Reuse & Recycle. It is made of sustainable and recycled materials to save resources. Furthermore, the glass jar is lightweight and reusable.

Find out more about our EcoDesign principles.

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Sustainability benefits

Made of 40% post-consumer recycled (PCR) glass

All materials are recyclable after use

The glass jar is lightweight

Personalize your refillable jar with our stunning decoration capabilities

Gx CyClic® offers endless opportunities for self-expression of your cosmetic brand. Choose from our broad range of decoration techniques, and you can transform your jar into a personalized masterpiece that reflects the individuality and style of your brand. Of course, you can also individualize the colors of the insert and closure of the refill packaging solution.

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