Syringe closures and accessories

Closures and accessories for glass syringes

Our innovative system components are primarily aimed at user-friendliness and safety. These include, for example, the Gx® backstop, which eases the activation of the syringe through the enlarged finger flange. An intelligent solution for luer lock systems is offered by our Gx TELC®, the tamper-evident luer lock safety seal for screwing on. Plunger stoppers and Gx® plunger rods supplement our glass syringes to form a complete system.

Your PLUS with Gerresheimer

Plunger stoppers

Our product program encompasses a large selection of plunger stoppers from leading providers. We offer various sizes, materials and qualities, “ready-to-sterilize” or “ready-to-use”. Depending upon the customer requirements, various packaging options are available.


  • 0.5 ml
  • 1.0 ml long
  • 1.0 ml standard – 3.0 ml


  • Pharmaceutical elastomer
  • Various formulations from Aptar Stelmi, Datwyler and West
  • Optional: Coating with Fluoropolymers


  • PE bags (standard packaging)
  • Rapid Transport Port Bags for isolators or RABS

In order to complete the syringe system, we offer appropriate plunger rods in the most varied sizes, materials, and colors.


  • 0.5 ml 
  • 1.0 ml long
  • 1.0 ml standard
  • 1.5 ml – 2.25 ml
  • 3.0 ml


  • Polypropylene
  • Polystyrene
  • Polycarbonate (suitable for steam sterilization)


  • Clear
  • Colored


  • Standard
  • Snap fit for 0.5 ml

The backstop reduces the opening diameter of the syringe body and simultaneously enlarges the finger flange with ergonomically shaped wings. In this way it fulfills two functions. First, the backstop prevents the plunger stopper from being pulled out of the syringe. Second, the backstop eases the handling of the syringe thanks to an enlarged finger flange area. This is helpful with viscous medications or in the case of counterpressure from the tissue, and in addition to this also benefits even patients with limited motor capacity when injected by the user.

Our backstop is made of polypropylene and is automatically clipped onto the finger flange of the glass syringe after the fill and finish process. It is thereby compatible both with round and cut finger flange shapes. The backstop is available in various colors and can be used as a visual indicator for the user in order to prevent confusion. 


  • 0.5 ml 
  • 1.0 ml long
  • 1.0 ml standard – 3.0 ml


  • Polypropylene


  • Clear
  • Colored


The needle shield protects the cannula against deformation up to injection, and keeps the cannula sterile until use. Our program encompasses flexible needle shields (FNS) and rigid needle shields (RNS).


EtO-sterilizable rubber formulas:

Datwyler FM27, Stelmi 4800 GS, West 7025/65, project-related formulas and shields upon request

Our program of closure systems for prefillable luer lock syringes encompasses a Tip Cap (mushroom) as well as the patented integrated luer lock closure system Gx TELC®  exclusively developed and supplied by Gerresheimer. 

Tip Cap


EtO-sterilizable rubber formulas:
Datwyler FM27/FM30, Stelmi 6580, West 1883, 7025/65, 7028/55, other formulas available upon request


Tamper Evident Luerlock Closure

EtO-sterilizable rubber formulas:
Datwyler FM27, Stelmi 6580, West 7025/65, other formulas available upon request

Advantages Gx TELC®

  • Patented integrated luer lock closure system 
  • Luer lock adapter with tamper-evident property
  • Convenient and intuitive opening caused by soft touch surface and easy grip design
  • No unintentional pop off
  • Manufactured of polycarbonate (Luer Lock adapter) and medical grade Thermoplastic Elastomer (sealing cap with tamper-evident flags) using two-component injection molding
  • TPE parts offer color coding of the syringe
  • Insert is made of pharmaceutical rubber like FM27, 7025, 7028, 6580 GS can be chosen
  • Specified opening and spinning forces
  • Fulfills ISO 594 requirements
  • Steam-, gamma- and EtO-sterilization possible

For our prefillable luer cone glass syringes we offer a Six Rib Tip Cap as a closure system.

Six Rib Tip Cap

EtO-sterilizable rubber formulas:
Datwyler FM27, FM30, West 1883, 7025/65, 7028/55
other formulas available upon request

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