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Corporate Functions

Controlling & Accounting

Do you want to make sure that Gerresheimer stays successful? You value challenging projects with the goal to optimize global financial structures in all our divisions and locations worldwide? Do you have an analytic character and think in processes? Are you a finance master? 

  • Manage and control the financial supply chain with us.
  • Make sure of a diversity in processes in all our financial departments.
  • Create quarterly and yearly reports according to the local and global principles.

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Tax & Treasury

Do you like being close to strategic corporate decisions? You hold the reputation of being able to consult our management board in financial matters? And you impress with your smart analyses? 

  • Complete a team of experts that deal with all global tax matters at Gerresheimer.
  • Optimize the tax burden according to fiscal regulations.
  • Improve our tax processes, tax compliance and guidelines.
  • Identify and minimize financial risks by market shifts or interest and currency burdens.
  • Support our controlling, especially in budget and forecast processes.

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Risk Management & Insurance

Do you want ensure a functional risk management system for whole Gerresheimer? Do you have the confidence to define global insurance standards, that are cost effective? You inspire as a coordinator, are resilient and stress resistant? 

  • Identify and analyse potential risks.
  • Oversee our risk management system in order to ensure transparent risk situations.
  • Evaluate risks, create reports for our management board and derive strategic measures.  

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Do you love the capital market and would like to represent Gerresheimer? Do you want to be part of strategic corporate decisions? You are a professional communicative talent with a an analytic competence? 

  • Strengthen our strategic corporate goal, to create a preferably realistic perception of our company on the capital market.
  • Help us to optimize costs of capital.
  • Inform shareholders about our company and its economic development.
  • Be the interface to the capital market and communicate with our stakeholders.

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Do you want to be a valued part in the global control processes of the Gerresheimer group? Does your future lie in initiating change processes? Do you have the right instincts, critical intellectual power and a positive attitude? 

  • Create added value and improve all processes of the whole Gerresheimer group.
  • Inspire while consulting our departments.
  • Be there when internal audit supports our management board with the enforcement of our goals in terms of evaluating and improving an effective risk management as well as control processes.

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Do you like working in international teams? Do you know the right strategies to find and recruit the best professionals for our company? Our employer brand will be enriched by you? Do empathy and a good knowledge of human nature define you? 

  • Strengthen our performance in our core areas recruiting & employer branding, people development & talent management, compensation & benefits, HR operations & systems and payroll.
  • Help us find the best matching candidates and make them your colleagues.
  • Develop innovative people development measures and employee retention strategies.
  • Implement cutting-edge HR systems and processes.
  • Support the successful implementation of our global HR strategy.

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You love being creative and bring in your ideas? As a pro in communication you like working with different departments in Germany and worldwide? You not only like creating concepts, but as well have analytic skills? 

  • Be part of international B2B campaigns.
  • Involve in the integration of digital marketing tools.
  • Develop a global marketing strategy.
  • Feed our internal and external communication channels.

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Legal affairs is your thing? You are analytically well experienced and love to be the guardian of the compliance program? Our international orientation goes along with your mindset? 

  • Support in contractual matters and legal- as well as non-judicial assertion.
  • Be the expert in property rights (i.e. patent law, trademark law, licence rights) and investment- and committee management.
  • Support the continuous development of the Gerresheimer Compliance Management System (CMS) that has been established in 2009.

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Do you agree on sustainability being immensely important as we do? You don’t compromise on work safety? And you love to be part of exciting change processes?

  • Be responsible for our Environmental Health System (EHS) on a global level.
  • Develop our safety culture and involve in its design and implementation.
  • Ensure the work safety in our productions by training and coaching of the leadership.

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You are fascinated by topics like energy management, waste management, conservation of resources and sustainability? Do you like designing trendsetting work space strategies?

  • Support our technical and administrative facility management.
  • Make sure our building technology runs as well as planned.
  • Engage in process and quality management.

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