Simplify the application of eye drops

Ophthalmic plus


The application of eye drops can be challenging, especially for people with limited mobility in their arms and fingers. Using traditional squeeze bottles requires holding the head, arm, elbow and wrist in an unnatural position, far away from the neutral zero position of the joints. This difficulty makes it even harder to exert enough force to squeeze the bottle, produce a drop and aim accurately at the eye.

Our eyedropper introduction video

The Ophthalmic plus bottle is a significant improvement in eye drop application. Its unique bottom design makes it an excellent choice for users with limited upper limb mobility. Unlike traditional systems made of plastic this packaging is designed to be pressed on the bottom. This feature allows a more natural range of motion during use and reduces the force needed to produce a drop.

Ophthalmic plus – the best choice for ophthalmic products

The 5 ml bottle is made from PP, a material with highest barrier properties and shares similar look with comparable eye dropper systems known on the market. The bottom design resembles a collapsible bellows. The application is thus performed by pressing on the bottom of the bottle. Due to this the arm doesn’t need to be raised as high, and the wrist isn’t bent as sharply as when pressing from the side. The force needed to produce a drop is reduced by approximately 60 % compared to similar squeeze bottles.*

Variable closure systems

When creating the Ophthalmic plus system, we also considered the producers and fillers of eye drop products. Since the bottle’s barrier properties and dimensions are similar to standard bottles used for eye drops, the switch on the filling lines shouldn’t be that much of a challenge. Moreover the bottle can be combined with commonly used droppers and closures for this neck size available on the market. For example with child safety lock or with opening aid.



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