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Looking at the whole: We engage with our stakeholders

Dialog with our stakeholders is a fundamental part of our sustainability strategy. The exchange with our business partners and customers, the capital market, employees, political representatives, non-governmental organizations and neighbors is very important to us. In close exchange, we jointly develop an understanding of what the most important sustainability issues are, what impact we have, and what our partners and the experts expect from us.

We use various formats to inform our employees, our customers and the capital markets about our sustainability targets and performance, seek their opinions and expertise and partner with them to jointly develop solutions for a sustainable future.

A clear focus on what is most relevant

The feedback from our stakeholders helps us to identify and focus on what is most relevant for our business success and where we can have the highest impact.

The results of our dialogues are reflected in our materiality matrix, which matches the relevant topics from our company's perspective with relevant topics from our stakeholder's view.

The topics located in the upper right corner and highlighted in color form the main focus for our sustainability strategy. We used them as a basis for further strategic planning, in particular for the development of our strategic sustainability goals and implementation concepts.



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