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GxCircular: Taking care of resources, sustainable products and the supply chain

The circular economy aims to minimize resource use and waste production by slowing down, reducing and closing energy and material cycles - along the entire life cycle of a product. This is a guiding principle for us.

We contribute within the scope of our own processes as well as with our products. We are convinced that innovation and environmental protection go hand in hand. We want to be pioneers in the development of more sustainable solutions for pharmaceutical packaging, devices and customized products.

As the transition to a circular economy requires system solutions beyond the influence of individual companies, cooperation is key – along the whole value chain. We take responsibility for our supply chain, not only in terms of sourcing recyclable raw materials, but also in terms of responsibility for sustainability in our value chain.

Our three focus topics of GxCircular are:

Recycling and waste
Gerresheimer sustainability GxCircular
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Responsible Supply Chain
Gerresheimer sustainability GxCircular
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